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On the Surface - My Experience with Microdermals.

After learning about Microdermals and seeing a few examples in my Piercer's portfolio I decided I would like some. The only issue was the location, I work in a kitchen so hands and arms were out of the question and I paddle a Kayak so legs were out too. I thought about the Nape but I need to mostly sleep on my back because my ears are still toughening up from having dermal punches to the Outer Conches. After discussions with my Piercer and a bit of thinking I decided I'd like two on each side of my face, next to my eyes.

Having had a number of "regular" piercings and two 8mm Dermal Punches done by Hugh I have found I can trust him to take almost full control, he still runs things by me but I trust his judgment as the professional. He has not let me down.

Hugh measured up the location; he explained to me that he'd like to have an equal distance from each eye to the first anchor, the second anchor and my hairline. It took a lot of measuring, marking, wiping off marks and marking again before we were both satisfied that the placement was perfect. Once satisfied we began the procedure.

I watched as the jewellery and needles were removed from the autoclave bags and dropped (without being touched) onto the sterile work surface. As soon as the equipment and jewellery were out, Hugh changed from latex examination gloves to sterile surgical gloves, something he does for every procedure.

The jewellery was 14ga Titanium, I don't think the material varies with Microdermals but I could be wrong. We used flat discs with the plan to change to gem attachments when the healing is done. A 10ga blade needle was used, Hugh explained that some people use dermal punches but he preferred the needle.

I had said to Hugh that I'd like to be able to see what he was doing so he arranged for another staff member to come in and take photos. As a bonus I was able to watch with a hand mirror. I am extremely curious about the procedures that I go through for mods; I like to know everything that is happening so to be able to watch was amazing. I watched as the needles went in and then as the jewellery followed, each time making a "pop" as the leg of the Microdermal made its way in to its new home. The two Microdermals closest to my eyes hurt the most but didn't bleed as much as the outer two; I had been warned that I might bleed a fair bit so I wasn't concerned.

The procedure was fairly painful, it is hard to compare to another type of piercing because it is so different but immediately after the procedure and up until two hours later when I'd had some ibuprofen it felt as though I'd been punched in both sides of the head. After about two days the pain had subsided to the point where it only hurt at all if I closed my eyes too tightly. I guess it would have hurt to have knocked them but that didn't happen.

I had to keep putting tape on them for the first three days, I assume this is so they would have time to settle in and not move. Taking the tape off to clean is tricky because you have to pull it off while holding the anchors down. I mastered the art and managed three days without inflicting any damage.

One of the Microdermal locations bruised ever so slightly, it was only visible on an enlarged photo. I understood the possibility of bruising was quite high and was expecting more, especially with the two that bled a lot.

Now, a week later they're settled in, definitely not healed but settled in. They don't hurt when I close my eyes tightly and I forget they are there. Sleeping on them is not an issue, the location is not one that takes on a lot of pressure and I'm already being very careful because of my Outer Conches.

I've had to be careful when wiping my eyes as I used to wipe them outwards, especially in the shower and that's not possible any more. I also have to be careful at work when I'm with the children and with my 20 month old nephew. Sometimes they accidentally hit but often they are just curious and aim a finger. I am getting better at predicting their movements. I have also learnt to be careful where I stick my head as I can't afford to bump them.

Overall I'm very impressed with the Microdermals and of course the work of the artist. The little bit of pain and discomfort was well worth it. I'm looking forward to them being healed so I can change the plain discs to some nice gems.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Hugh
Studio: Tattoo+Culture
Location: Canberra%2C+Australia

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