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Nape piercing - to remember a friend

I think for my story, a little background information is needed, so I will try to explain, without dragging on for too long. My love of nape piercings, I think began the first time I saw one in front of my own two eyes, but id never actually touched the back of my neck and thought ' I'll do it', until I lose a dear friend of mine to a tragic accident.

I'll go in to a little detail, and i'll try not to upset myself or any readers I am young, too young to know the world very well, I'm old enough to have the freedom to explore it though. During my adventures, I came across a friend, his name was Lee, or as he preferred to be called 'Goff Lee', with the deliberate spelling mistake. He became a part of me, like a brother, with the love and strength id been searching for.

And sometimes, when we were lay on the grass on warm summers days, or huddled in a corner on the chilly winter mornings, I wondered about his piercings, and one day came out and straight up asked about this beautiful little surface bar in his neck.

It was blue, and beautiful, and I wanted one straight away. It wasn't the sort of want enough to go and get one though. It was the envy of it that made me want one. In February of this year, my wonderful friend Lee was in a tragic car accident, which after major brain trauma caused his death.

I'm still recovering from losing such a big part of my life. A few weeks after Lees death, I rested my hand on the back of my neck and decided I wanted my nape piercing.

And after a row with my parents, a huge NO! I decided that if I wanted to remember Lee by piercing myself I was going to do it. He was my friend, is my memory, and is and always will be a part of me. I braved my own conscience, and after a few weeks, convinced a friend to come and morally hold my hand through the piercing.

I was already taking a few friends (well quite a few friends) into my favourite piercing studio for their piercings,and Tracy had agreed to do my nape for me. I asked my friend Divvy to come hold my hand, and he agreed, and after a long journey from his house to Manchester and back to Salford, he showed up (albeit late...) to the piercing shop, two friends in tow for piercings. I waited...and after an hour and a half of watching my friends come out one by one with more piercings, I got up from my seat on the floor, with the butterflies in my stomach and went into the piercing room, Divvy in tow to morally hold my hand.

Tracy had me tie my hair up, as high as possible, cleaned my neck, and as a trainee piercer watched, marked my neck, n kept scrubbing off and re-marking the dots, to make sure they were absolutely straight. She asked Divvy to check the dots to see if they were straight, he agreed they were,and then suddenly... I got nervous. She directed me to lie down, with my head resting on my arms. The butterflies started doing a circus in my stomach. I felt Divvy's hand touch my leg, I calmed down, I wasn't alone.

Tracy froze my neck, which took a surprisingly short amount of time, and I can agree with anyone that says that the freezing is the worst bit. I felt Tracy put the forceps on my neck, and then she began to push the needle through, I can honestly tell you I felt nothing. All I could hear was Tracy huffing and puffing, shes learned from experience my skins tough as old boots.

Before I knew it, the bar was in. 'All done' Tracy said. I felt sick relief spread through my body, and as the trainee passed me a mirror to check my neck, I saw a little bit of Lee in the bar, and since that day its been like he's a little part of me.

Later that day, me and three of my newly pierced friends went to Manchester, the only trouble I had was turning my head to far, and if you lean your neck against a bus window with a fresh nape piercing, it isn't good.

Its about a month or so old now. Its stopped oozing general crusty stuff out at me, and I cleaned it 2-3 times a day with sea salt and warm water.I've had a trainee piercer friend of mine keep an eye on it on a week to week basis, its not rejecting as far as we can tell, or migrating.

I love the piercing, I love leaning my head onto my hand in a lesson or when its quiet and remembering my good friend. As soon as I am 18 I am getting a tattoo to remember my good friend, but for now, the beautiful blue bar in my neck will serve as a suitable memorial to him, and the memories we made together. And remembering back to those summer days, lying on the grass in the warm, I can almost imagine his face if I had got it done then, And I know wherever he is now, whoever he's being up in heaven,he's smiling down at me, just as happy, and pierced as in life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tracy
Studio: Pierce+Artist
Location: Salford%2C+Manchester%2C+UK

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