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My First Microdermal

I am a bit of a piercing nut, though in the conventional sense. I have numerous piercing in my ears, and (have now retired) a couple in my lip. A total of 12 at the time. A couple of months after I had my second lip ring done, I was looking around BME for some new ideas, and the word microdermal kept coming up. I researched it on the Wiki encyclopaedia and they seemed just the sort of thing I wanted, not to invasive or extreme, yet unknown from where i'm from. Now I had my heart set on this, I set out on finding where I could have it done. Earlier in the year, my piercer Garth from the Wild Cherry in Tonbridge had said that he was working on a new idea, I think he called it dermal anchoring at the time. Well I went in to see him again to ask him about it, and of course it was the same thing! I was very excited, not only had I found a piercer who was about to do them, but it was one who I had been to before and I trusted a lot. We got down too talking, and he hadn't sorted out the procedure yet, but I was to come back a month later, after the health man had been in to give it the all clear.

This gave me the time I needed to decide where I would have the little microdermal. As I researched, I realised a lot of people had them on their wrist, but personally I didn't find it astheticily pleasing, I also didn't want any more facial mods, as i was about to start work full time, and I had to take my other facial mods out. I finally decided on a Madison placement, just under the hollow on my neck. I think that it would look perfect. It would allow people to see it, but not be too intrusive, like a necklace but without the chain. I also later on wanted to add more of them, at a later stage under my collar bones to create a v shape.

After the month had passed I popped in again, and he said that he was practising freely on some volunteers, but unfourtunaly he wasn't going to anymore, In a way I thought that would be a good thing, as then if it went wrong on someone else, I would be able to change my mind. So I waited until he was happy with the process and then we disused the placement, and he gave me a week to make sure I wanted it there, s this would be a "permanent" piercing, so I had to be absolutely sure. Having had a month to think about it, I was dead certain, but I waited out the time, finally going in on the Monday, after finishing college for the day.

I went into the studio, and it was busy, Garth was in the process of doing (I think) a nose piercing, and there were people already waiting to get things done. Luckily I had gone with my friend Emily, who wanted to see it first, as she was also very interested to get one done to. After waiting what seemed ages, Garth was finished and led me into the piercing room. I was starting to get nervous, as this would be my first "cool" piercing but Garth calmed me down totally. He put on the new 30 Seconds to Mars album (I really liked it) and he set about marking the placement. The first dot he put was perfect, and I like how it sat near my collarbones, so started to show me the tools he was going to use. The needle he was going to use to make the pocket was a massive 2.5mm and that's a huge needle! But he assured me hardley any of it was going to go in me. We also decided on the type of microdermal, I decided to have the bar with the holes in it, as this would make it more stable and secure than the diamond shape one. So as I lay down on the chair, he instructed me on my breathing, slow and steady as he would be working on my chest, so no big breath before the actual piercing.

1, 2, 3 and the needle was in, I think cause of the adrenalin it didn't hurt at all, but Garth was surprised by the amount of blood that appeared. That's normal with me, i'm a heavy bleeder, so he waited till it had stopped, and applying pressure, then inserted the microdermal, and screwed the plain disc on top. And it was done! After all that waiting! However I wasn't allowed to see it yet, as I had to wait for the bleeding to stop, and making sure that I was ok. After about 5 mins, he told me to go have a look, and it was perfect, it really set of my collarbones, and it's my new fave!

So after waiting 10 mins in the room, I paid him, and gave a big tip, (as you should), I was allowed to go, with strict instructions on cleaning, and I was to see him in a week to make sure that it was ok.

Since I had it done about three months ago, I have had no problems with it, half the time I forget its there until someone points it out, and asks what it is. Where I live I don't believe anyone else has one, so it's very unusual, just what I wanted. Now it leaves me to plan the placement of the next one, and the one after that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Garth
Studio: Wild+Cherry
Location: Tombridge%2C+England

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