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Hand Webbing Piercing Experience- Repiercing on Scar Tissue

I've been in love with piercings as long as I can remember- to me, they are hypnotic. I forget when I realized how beautiful a hand web piercing could be, or why- but I've basically been planning to get one since I was about 15.

Well, because I am impatient and inexperienced (although I have previously pierced my own ears including cartilage successfully) I ended up piercing it myself. Things certainly weren't sterile and it began to reject after about 2 weeks. I also happened to go to Warped Tour about the same time. The open ring got hooked on some guys fishnet shirt and he wouldn't stop jumping about! The piercing got ripped out- Ouch!

Fast forward about 2 years, and I miss the piercing a lot. The area was fully healed aside from a tiny scar that runs up my webbing. I am older, more educated, and ready to give it another shot. My rather sadistic friend and I are bumming about DC one day and we come across a tattoo/piercing place. "That'd be a spot of fun," says the sadist, "Let's get you pierced." I decide on getting my hand re-pierced in the same place; the piercer could even see the scar from where the old one ripped out!

The piercing is on my left hand because the hand I use less will probably heal better. The piercing was done with a sterile hollow needle one size larger than the jewelry (12 gauge I believe. After taking about five minutes to mark the area, he used a pair of clamps to hold the skin and just sort of you know, jammed it through! Maybe because I have really high pain tolerance, maybe because the area had been pierced before- it didn't hurt that bad. It bled quite a bit.

The details about my aftercare- I had been receiving all sorts of different ideas about what to do for aftercare. For the first bit of time, I had been using a strong antibacterial soap and a saline solution. The soap dried out the area too much so I switched over to 3 x a day saltwater soaks. I am a horseback rider; I have to bandage up the area before riding, hold the reins differently, and rely mostly on my right hand. Other aspects of my life had to change a bit in the following weeks- I don't lift certain ways at the gym, I don't put my hand in freshwater aquariums, I don't touch anything that might have other peoples' body fluids on them (toilet seats, doorknobs, etc), and I don't allow my left hand to come into contact with any chemicals. For the first 2 weeks, I wrapped my entire hand up before a shower (Sterile gauze over the piercing, latex glove over that, tape around bottom, bag over glove, taped at the bottom). This helped TONS. No soap irritated the piercing, it didn't get caught on my hair, or any other common mishap that might cause rejection/infection. At night, I would cover the piercing LIGHTLY with a layer of gauze and tape my thumb loosely to my index finger so the piercing would have a good 7 hours of uninterrupted, stationary healing. I would never do anything that would make me feel pressure/ pain on the piercing. Let me be clear: IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS PIERCING, A LOT OF LIFESTYLE/ DAY TO DAY CHANGES MIGHT HAVE TO HAPPEN!

After about an hour, the bleeding had mostly stopped. The area was swollen and reddish.

After a day, the area was sore, but looked great!

After a week, it was pretty much normal- occasional spot bleeding. I am flushing it with an antibacterial saline solution 10-12 times a day and using Q-tips to clean off "crusties."

After a month, trouble started. I noticed after horseback that one of the holes was oozing a pus-like fluid. I immediately did a soak and flushed the area with a water soluble antibiotic. However, the skin also randomly began to dry out. I used aloe vera gel around the piercing to keep it from drying out more. Things quieted down within a week.

After two months, I noticed a little migration after all the dried skin dropped off and the piercing was healthy. However, I have been monitoring the migration and it basically ceased. The piercing has worked itself into a "comfort zone" where it is experiencing little to no friction and the migration has ceased.

After three months I am still in love with the piercing. I soak it a few times a week and am VERY careful about how I use my hand. There is no pain, no pus, nothing. I use Bactine a few times a day and I wash my hands religiously. I still use aloe occasionally, but only if the piercing site looks dry.

I would not recommend this piercing for most people. Be warned- about 98% of everyone who has seen it hates it- don't expect acceptance! Also, you really have to be careful. You use your hands a lot, so you have to change how you interact with your environment. It's a lot of work and a lot of extra time. My parents STILL have not noticed, though- that's certainly one benefit. Overall, I love my piercing. If you're willing to put in the work and go the extra mile, get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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