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First Surface Piercing

For a few years I have wanted to get my nostril pierced. Right before I turned 18 I told my mother (who works at the local health department) that I wanted to get it, and asked her which shop in our area is the cleanest and safest. Well, contrary to what I had expected, she freaked out on me and told me that if I got any facial piercing or visible tattoo I would be on my own—no health insurance, no real job, and no way to pay for college.

I was crushed. It wasn't like I wanted five holes through my eyebrows and some extreme cheek piercings or anything like that. All I wanted was a small stud in a nostril—classic and beautiful. But I couldn't afford being completely on my own, so the beautiful piercing that I wanted was out of the question.

So I started looking for other options. I didn't want anything in my ears and below the belt isn't my style. I wanted something that wouldn't hurt any employment opportunities and wouldn't shock my extended family (i.e.: easily covered if necessary under any circumstance). I finally decided on some sort of surface piercing. The one right beneath the collarbones seemed very lovely, but I didn't want to pay for two piercings, and I almost always wear tank tops. So I decided against that. Looking around I finally found the nape piercing.

It was perfect! It's non-obtrusive, subtle, and yet still a little edgy. So I started looking for a good shop (the one I went to for my tattoo was absolutely horrible and I still regret not searching more).

I found one, and went in to get my nape piercing. The first time I went in the shop wasn't open yet (even though it was 20 minutes after the opening time. . .), so I went back the next day—the surface piercer wasn't in, so I came back the next say and finally got to get my piercing.

The shop was spotless, scrubbed daily and disinfected. There were numerous different separate piercing rooms—antibacterial soap and rubber gloves everywhere. Rob was really professional. Of course I was ridiculously nervous, but excited also.

He spent probably about twenty minutes marking, and then the clamp went on. Now, I've heard that clamps hurt like crazy, but surprisingly they didn't. "Breath in on 2 out on 3. . ." and it was over.

I was so surprised, it barely even pinched. Also, it didn't hurt when the jewelry went in, it just felt odd. It did take another fifteen minutes to screw on the disks.

But all the tension made me a bit lightheaded (and supposedly I turned blue. . .). I don't really understand that since it didn't hurt, but I guess it's something that just happens with some people. I got something to drink and was okay.

And then the trouble started. . .

Later that night my boyfriend noticed that one side of the bar was sticking out while the other was sitting completely flatly. So when I next cleaned it I evened it out. Ten minutes later it was sticking out again. The next morning I checked it and it was still sticking out. So when I cleaned it I once again fixed it just to have it push right back out.

On the third day I decided to go back to the shop to have it looked at. The guy who pierced me wasn't there, but the next most experienced piercer took a look for me. He said the jewelry was probably just the wrong size and to come back in a few days when Rob was there.

So two days ago I went in, he had a look, and got pretty worried. He was almost sure that it had started to reject, but thought it might be salvageable. He rummaged through all the available jewelry sizes and found one he though might be a bit more appropriate. He thought we might need to order an even smaller surface bar, but thought this one would be worth a try and would at least be better until the other came in if it was needed. Rob switched my jewelry and told me to come back in two days.

Even with the much shorter rise, the surface bar still stuck out more on one side—so I was pretty worried that I'ld end up loosing my brand new nape piercing. The following day it still stuck out. . .but on the day I was to go back to the shop it had evened out and the miniscule amount of redness had disappeared completely!

I went back into the shop and he told me it was looking great. That it had stopped rejecting and was healing very nicely.

So after a very shaky start, my beautiful nape piercing is doing well and looks like it will heal cleanly. There is still a chance that it could reject, but it looks like it should work out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: ArtBomb
Location: ohio

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