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Surface piercing on my wrist

It was when I went to get my belly button pierced in june, when I turned 16, that I had the idea of getting a surface piercing on my wrist.

My sister's boyfriend took my to get my belly pierced and I mentioned the idea of getting a surface piercing on my wrist to him but he said it would look 'tacky'.

I didn't care what he thought though, I knew it would look awesome!

I kept thinking about the piercing and I knew my parents wouldn't agree because it wasn't 'mainstream' but that didn't matter, I'd get it done without telling them. They wouldn't be so mean as to put me through the pain and then asking me to take it out!

About a month passed before getting it done. Then one day after I finished work, I phoned my best friend and asked her if she would come with me to get it done. She agreed.

I phoned a place called STYX in Norwich but they said they didn't do surface piercings but they said to go to Rudeboys in Norwich. I had heard it had a good reputation from friends who had been there so I phoned to book an appointment. It turned out that I didn't need an appointment, I just had to walk in.

So me and my friend got on a bus to Norwich. I was really nervous but so excited!

We arrived at Rudeboys and I filled out the forms and showed some ID. I paid, it cost £30. Some guys were waiting to have their tongues done and were being told by the receptionist that it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be! Which is true! You always make it in to more of a deal than it ever is! I just love the adrenaline rush you get afterwards!

The guy who was going to be piercing me came out to make sure I wanted it done. He went through all of the risks of surface piercings being prone to growing out and I would be left with an ugly scar. I said I still wanted it done and we went through to the piercing room which was all very sterile, although quite small.

He explained that he would use PTFE plastic as this would bend with my skin and reduce the risk of it growing out. He then asked me what size balls I wanted on the end. I chose the smallest ones as I only have little wrists!

I wanted it done on my left wrist as I wear a watch on my right side. He chopped the PTFE plastic down to size and marked me up with a piercing pen. He checked the placement and I liked it.

He got a fresh needle out of a packet. He didn't need to clamp it apparently he jus pinched it with his fingers and put the needle through.

Although I could feel the needle moving beneath my skin it really didn't hurt at all. I've read that this is a really painful piercing but I'd say it was my least painful piercing and I have my lip, nose, belly button, and ears pierced. Out of all of those I'd say my nose hurt the most, most likely because they used a gun!

Needles hurt a lot less!

He put the barbell in and screwed the balls on. He cleaned it up as it bled a little. He let me look at it before placing a white plaster like thing over it to keep it clean. The ones you get when you get your belly button pierced.

I loved it when I came out of the piercing room and everyone in the waiting room was amazed as to what i had on my wrist!

I loved it! I didn't experience any pain with it what so ever! It looked so good but i had to tell my parents..

I got home and figured i should tell my mum before she found out. So I said "Mum, I've got something you won't like..." She looked down at the white plaster on my wrist, I took it off to reveal the piercing and to be honest I think she was relieved it wasn't a tattoo!

My dad said it was stupid and horrible to look at but it wasn't long before they were asking if it hurt and how it was done.

Everywhere I went people thought It looked awesome but sadly after a month or two it grew out :( I was reluctant to take it out but this meant it got quite close to the top before I finally took it out which means i know have a big scar on my wrist but its pretty cool because you can make up some story whenever anyone asks you how you got it!

Its amazing how quickly you become 'aware' of an area that you have pierced. Like when I got changed I had to be careful not to catch it on my clothes. I did catch it a few times of peoples bags and it killed! Sometimes it would bleed as well! But it was a fun piercing to have and I love the fact that it's different.

If anyones thinking about having this piercing, think carefully because its more than likely to grow out! BUT you can just put your watch over the scar!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: steve%3F
Studio: rudeboys+studio
Location: Norwich

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