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Rib Surface

I guess you could say that this was a bonding experience with myself and a girlfriend. We had a few drinks a couple of weeks ago and decided (after much comparison of our many mods) that we wanted to get surface piercings on our ribs. Awesome.

She had a wonderful man who did her other surface bars, so we decided to go to him. We went in on friday night and set the appointment for saturday. Needless to say I was excited about the whole thing and could barely sleep. I met her at work and we drove down to the studio.

She decided she wanted to go first, which I was a little hesitant about, since I figured it would make me a little nervous, but first dibbs gets it I suppose. So we went into the room and Ryan marked her up, it looked beautiful and we got started (I will get into the nitty-gritties later). I got to see her little punched skin bits and all of the gore. It was very interesting and calmed me down more than anything. Hers kept bleeding and needed to be gauzed up. Now it was my turn. I ran to go to the bathroom and could barely open the door I was so excited.

I got back into the room and was ordered to take my shirt off. He marked the spot of the left one around my tattoo and... rather large girls. He marked the right to match and waited for my ok. It took a while because I had to keep examining them sans bra, so that took a while to take it off and put it back on. Eventually I "released the beasts" one last time, and got prepared to get pierced.

Laying on my back we joked around a bit and I grabbed for my friend's hand. I told her I would make some funny faces, and I did not dissapoint. Ryan grabbed the punch and punched his marks about 2 inches down from my "girls" and about 3 inches in from my centre-side line. It was a little strange but okay. He tapered it and put the bar in... he commented that I must drink a lot of water because it was easy to do (Tip: drink lots of water a few days before your surface piercing). Not bad. Now onto the next side. Everyone rotated around my little table and we began again. The first punch felt like it went all the way down to my wrist. I told Ryan and he said that I "will never have use out of that arm again" I giggled as he punched the next hole, which also hurt. This time the taper didn't feel as bad, but I could tell he put a lot of effort into this side. The jewelry went in and I got a sucker and got to look in the mirror. They are GORGEOUS.

I didn't bleed at all that day, just a few red crusties come the morning. The right one is at a little more of an angle but they look beautiful that way. Its been 5 days and they barely bother me, I don't even have any discharge. The reccomended cleaning schedule is up to 4 times daily with salt water and sea salt soaks when needed, but I have been doing the LITHA schedule (leave it the heck alone) and that seems to be working almost better. With that said, whatever your piercer says is the way to go, they have the experience. However, if you know your body and it's capabilities, as long as you have SOME kind of aftercare, then that is your choice.

I am not swollen at all, but that is probably because I have set up my bed as a no-movement zone. I have pillows on either side of me when I go to bed to inhibit me from tossing (as I am infamous for). I also am sure to wear a clean shirt to bed every night and am only using very mild soaps in the shower (and not directly on them). Restricting your movement seems to be the most important thing in this case, as your ribs move a lot, and thus, can damage your already damaged skin.

Reactions have been mixed: my friends sister thinks they are disgusting, and other friends have thought they are awesome. There are no fence-sitters though. I only wish I could show them off without looking like a pervert.

For girls that have a larger chest, when you get this piercing, make sure they are out of the way of your bra - wear the most "grandma-esque" one to your piercing session. You will also want to strap the girls in before you do... anything, because bending over puts a lot of strain on your newly-pierced skin.

It was an excellent experience, and I would reccomend going to Ryan for any piercing. Word to the wise: I have an extraordinarily high pain tolerance, and my friend did not enjoy that as much as I did, she is also badly bruised. So. It wont be a cake-walk, but, it is well worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Strange+City
Location: Edmonton+Alberta

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