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Ok this is my first time submitting anything here so be kind!

I love piercings, a kind of redundant comment on this site but it's true; I love the look, the feel and getting them done. Unfortunately my newest baby (ok I don't know technical terms for each piercing) a chest bar surface piercing didn't love me as much! Id only had it a couple of months at best and it was royally rejecting me, on the off chance they could tell me a magic secret to keep it I went into punktured to speak to someone. I got the good advice (keep clean, salty water etc) and got chatting to the lovely tom who pokes in most of my metal, and he showed me the "new" dermal anchors they just got in. OH MY GOD! Couldn't believe how diddy and cute they looked!

I went home and started drawing little dots on myself to see where would look good, handy tip if you do this, REMEMBER TO WASH THEM OFF (went down to my kitchen looking like I had green chicken pox!) I've just promised my mum I would get no more piercings so I resolved to get them done in September as a sort of going back to uni celebration. Ha.

Unfortunately I have the self-control of a cat in heat.

The problem with Brighton is there are SO MANY BLOODY PIERCING PLACES. It's tempting at the best of times but when there's one you really want its torture. I lasted a couple of weeks, and then on an afternoon the friend (who's under strict instructions "don't let me get any more bloody piercings im broke") was away. Hrmmmm me thinks, I will just go in and see if there's any new jewellery in punktured. It was tempting fate. Went in and asked a bit more about anchors, and thought fuck it I will get one to see what its like!

Thankfully tom was free and I went in to get my first one! Decided on a hip placement because my surface piercing was still manky. I went for a plain top with a solid foot because I don't want to have to cut it out. As I lay down wasn't really nervous just excited at the prospect of a new shiny. The punch he used really didn't hurt; because there was no re-exist from the skin id say this easily hurts less than a "normal" piercing. With the jewellery going in there was some pressure and a little discomfort but not much. It hurt so little and looked so good! Well it would be silly to come back now I was there already. Sometimes you can't argue with good logic like that! I asked if tom had time to do me two more! I decided on a curved line tracing the line of my hip up. The second one went ok but the jewellery was a little more troublesome to get in and the highest one hurt a little more but beautifully successful! They bled very little and I was sad to see them disappear under the dressing.

Ive had no trouble healing them so far, they have no redness around the edge and really aren't sore, the middle one was a bit wonky for a few days but its gone straight again by itself, the curved line looks great and im glad I went with my first instinct and didn't get them in a straight line!

When I showed my housemates they all agreed they look fantastic, one of the girls who has no interest in piercing is even thinking of getting some, another of my housemates suggested I get more when I get rid of my surface piercing. Hrmmmm now there's a thought..

Couple of weeks later and my nipple bar mysteriously managed to unscrew itself in the night so I went back to punktured to get it put back in and there was someone there getting an anchor on their hand.

Well as I was there... you cant argue with good logic.

I decided to get rid of my pesky surface piercing and get another three anchors curving up my chest. Took a little while to get the placement right but eventually we did and I lay down to begin. Because it's becoming a really popular procedure they had run out of punches and I had my second lot done with a needle. Ow. These hurt much more than the first lot, I don't know if it had something to do with placement or its punch vs. needle but these one hurt more. Even so they still didn't hurt as much as my second nipple piercing.

Because of having to use a needle these bled more too. Tom warned me I may have a little bruising round the two that had bled, what I got was a monster of a bruise! Its been changing though some very attractive shades of green and yellow so as yet ive not seen the piercings without bruising but oh my they look stunning anyway! They are so much less intrusive than the bar and really comfy no matter which position I sleep in (one of the things I disliked about the bar was its poking out when I lay on my side) id definitely get more anchors over other types of surface piercing and although they are still new so obviously I don't truly know how they have settled they look fantastic! The only downside is they are addictive cos ive got plans for at least nine more! Sorry mum.....


submitted by: charliefox
on: 16 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: tom
Studio: punktured
Location: brighton

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