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Surface Wrist/Arm Piercing

After a long decision process, I decided to go along with getting a surface arm piercing, as I'd always wanted one. Although the rejection rate is extremely high, I thought I'd still risk it. Theres no harm in trying.

I went into Cosmetics Plus, one of the cleanest studio's in the city. I had a great piercer, Michael, who made me feel completely relaxed and in safe hands. So I wasn't nervous at all, if anything I was excited. The studio only allows the piercer & the client in the room at any time. All the benches are clean & they will clean the seat before & after you sit there.

He marked the spot, I wouldn't call it a wrist surface piercing, as its about 12cm up from my wrist. Getting one on the wrist is just asking for rejection I've heard, seen as the piercing would suffer a lot of stress & pressure due to the constant movement of the wrist. Michael then asked me how long I would like it to be, the length I chose, would be approx an inch. I didn't want it too small, or too long.

The jewelery used is a Nylon bar, with two silver balls holding it in place. I was worried when he pulled these out, as I've read stories that you should only accept a proper barbell. But I let it slide, as I've seen the ladies that work there with healed surface piercings all over them, with Nylon bars in place.

So, he cleaned the area, got out all the clean packaged equipment. Then it was time. I had to sit in a somewhat awkward position, laying my arm down flat. He told me I can look if I wanted, but I wasn't that keen. He then clamped the marked spot and began to thread the needle through. I felt a little prick as the needle went through the first side, then the sliding feeling of it.

I watched as the needle went thru the other side, it didnt hurt that much, but that part would've been the worst, going from inside the flesh to the outside. The piercing only took about 10seconds to go through, and another 30 to get the jewelery in. It was a short & painless experience.

The only feeling that really threw me, was the shock, my body tends to go into shock immediately as a foreign object goes through it. But its only tingles & shakes. There was quite a bit of blood coming from the first hole, but no pain.

Then the jewelery was put in, which I didn't feel at all. The blood was cleaned up and it was all done. Michael told me to go back, to get the nylon bar trimmed when the swelling goes down, so I'll do that within the next few days.

A week on, I have a red spot around the each hole and they each have a scab. They get itchy, which I'm guessing may be healing (never scratch though!)

The first two days, there was swelling where the bar was, but it has settled down now.

I've used medicated soap to wash the piercing & my hands before touching. Sea Salt Soaks work a treat as well. At first I was making strong dilute, thinking it was better, it seemed to be. But then i read it is not always best, as the strong solution may irritate the piercing. I strongly recommend listening to the professionals, they know what they're talking about. I suppose I could have been looking after it a bit more than I have been in the last week, but it seems to be going ok.

I know rejection time will come, as my body isn't good at healing these things (although I give it no choice really).

Im suspecting rejection is starting at the moment, as the scabs r getting a bit longer, going in an inwards direction. So I'll get Michael to check it out for me on Friday. Im hoping its not, as I would hate to take it out.

It's an unique piercing, I haven't seen anyone with it where I live, so I do tend to get strange looks.

Many people look at it and say "Ouch!", but really it doesn't hurt.

It also hasn't caught on anything, I've had so many people, even Michael warn me to be careful because it will catch on many things. But so far, so good. Nothing has caught, I've also worn jumpers & long sleeves and they haven't irritated the piercing at all.

I would recommend this piercing to anyone thinking about getting it done. Just be careful about its positioning, and the length.

Cleaning is a very important part of the healing process, and even if rejection does occur, cleaning is still important if you're going to keep the jewelery in a bit longer.

Good Luck :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Michael+Clare+%28%3F%29
Studio: Cosmetics+Plus
Location: Mackay%2C+QLD.+Aus

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