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My webbing

This took place about 9 years ago when I was 17. My best friend at the time had a small piercing in the webbing between her pinky and ring finger. I was fascinated by this and thought it was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. She told be about how her cousin did it for her with an ear piercing gun more than 5 years prior and it just never healed up, so every once in a while she will put a hoop in it.

I really wanted to get the same piercing because it looked so different and at the time I looked up to her a lot. This was back before I was really into body modification and it never occurred to me that a good piercer would never ever use an ear gun, especially on my hand. I also did no research at all on the healing times and aftercare. But I was determined.

So one day after work I went down to the shop that was most popular. I had gotten my tongue done there months before. I told Dan what I wanted and asked a few questions. He told me how it would work and then he started setting up. In retrospect, that shop is probably one of the lower quality shops that I have come across, but I didn't know it at the time. There were about 3 people watching him pierce me, without my permission... He never bothered to ask me. I thought it was normal.

He cleaned my hand, marked it and used a cork underneath to receive the needle. When he pushed that needle through, I was in so much pain. I couldn't have imagined that it would hurt that bad. I also hadn't considered that a tiny ear gun needle is nothing like a 16 or 14 gauge hollow needle. Anyway, he put the hoop in and cleaned up the blood. Then he took a picture, which I later found out he does with all his piercings. Of course I didn't mind that part. He gave me after care instructions that included bacitracine and dial antibacterial soap. I was supposed to wash it no less than 4 times a day rotating the soap into the piercing and then rinse really well. I am pretty sure those were not the best aftercare instructions for me and over washing it contributed to the rejection that happened.

It wasn't until the weekend that I realized how much the piercing would affect my day-to-day activities. I worked in fast food and it didn't matter how many gloves I wore, salt somehow made its way into my sore hand. I washed and washed, but the amount of lymphatic discharge and pus that came out were amazing. But my friends thought it was interesting and for the first time in my life I stood out. So I kept it.

It finally 'healed' after about 4 months and I had managed to hide it from my parents most of that time. After I was sure it was okay, I showed my mom who promptly freaked out. I didn't know it yet, but the piercing was rejecting. I called it 'growing out' and finally after about 6 months it fell out.

I was pretty bummed about it and already had plans to do it again, though I had promised my mom I wouldn't. I was severely under educated on piercings, but of course hindsight is 20/20. I waited for it to heal and the scar tissue to go down. It took about 7, maybe 8 months and I went back to Dan to get it redone.

No one said anything to me about why it came out. I never heard the term 'rejection' or anything else that might discourage me from getting it pierced again. He did tell me that my picture was the only one on his wall to make people cringe. (As well it should. My nipple piercings didn't even hurt that bad.) So we prep again for the piercing. He decides to put it farther back, behind the scar tissue, in hopes that it won't come out again. Brilliant idea.

The next morning I was in severe pain. I couldn't move my hand at all without almost crying. The pain was shooting up my arm to my shoulder and it hurt so bad I can't even put it into words. I still had a hoop in my hand and it was so tiny that there was no way to get it open. I suffered through the pain for 3 days. I couldn't even sleep. Finally I broke down and told my mom what I had done and begged her to take me to get it removed. She was pretty upset, but drove me down there immediately and I had them take it out. I can only figure that in going farther back he hit a nerve. There is almost no other explanation for the pain.

I have never attempted that one again, though I think about it constantly. I have also never had a piercing reject since then. But I learned my lesson. Hands are hard to heal and probably more likely to reject. Think carefully before spending the money to get it done. Mine was awesome, but not worth the hassle in the end.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Inkmandans
Location: Tampa%2C+Fl

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