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Madison Piercing, The Good The Bad And The Scar

I have been a big fan of piercings ever since I was a little kid. I used to always wear clip-on nose and earrings because my mum was dead-set against me getting any piercings. But for my 13th birthday she finally gave in and let me get my nose pierced. It was one of the happiest days of my life and mum didn't mind the piercing at all and for my next birthday she let me get my eyebrow done.

I loved piercings so much that in the next few years I got my ears pierced all the way up, five in my bottom lip, and my tongue...but I wanted more. I wanted something that no one I knew had. The next morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and instantly wanted a surface piercing across the top of my chest, just under my neck. I rang up a couple of friends and went straight into the city to get the piercing.

I arrived at the piercing studio that I have always gone to, it was a small studio above an alternative shoe shop. I love the feeling I get when I walk into the place, I instantly get a smile across my face and get all excited. After I paid I filled out a form and sat down. I only had to wait a few minutes and the piercer told me he was all ready for me. He asked me what I wanted pierced and I pointed to the place. He told me it was called a Madison piercing and marked it up and I looked in the mirror, it was perfectly in the middle, he asked me if I was ready and I smiled and said "hell yeah!"

I laid down and he put the clamp on which took a couple of minutes to get it in the exact place. I thought the clamp would hurt there but it didn't at all. He told me to breath in and as I breathed out he pushed the needle through. I was expecting a bit of pain but it just felt like a pinch. He inserted the jewellery and put the ball on. It started bleeding a little bit so he put pressure on it. After a couple of minutes the bleeding stopped and I looked in the mirror. I loved it! He told me I could go out and show my friends before he put the bandage on.

My friends loved it and one of them said "wow it actually looks good, I thought it would look bad but I didn't want to say anything", so after a bit of a laugh the group of girls waiting to get their navels pierced saw it. Their instant reaction was "OMG are you crazy, im scared just to get my belly button done!" I loved their reaction, but if that's how people my age reacted, I can imagine my mums face when she sees it. I told her I wasn't going to get any more piercings, but I couldn't resist, piercings are defiantly addictive.

So I went back in and he put the bandage on and told me I could take it off in about an hour. I left the shop happy as usual, but people kept giving me weird looks because I had a huge bandage across my chest. After an hour I took the bandage off and it looked perfect! I saw some of my friends in the shops and showed them, some liked it, some didn't, but I expected that. My mum didn't notice for a few days because she thought it was part of my necklace until she looked closely and told me I was a complete idiot and that she hated it. But she got used to it within a couple of weeks.

The first month was great, it looked great and I felt great. I loved how it was so unique. But the second month it started getting red. I did my best to stop the redness and used the piercing gel they gave me which has always worked for my other piercings. But in a week the redness had gotten worse and was now the full length of the bar. It felt like the bar was getting closer to the surface. I guess it was growing out, but me being the idiot that I am tried to save it. I kept cleaning it and refusing to take it out, hoping that it would get better. But it didn't. The skin over the bar looked like a scar and was flakey so a month later I finally took it out. I thought that now it was out the redness would go away, but instead it turned into a scar. I hated it now. And it was in a very noticeable place. People kept looking at it and asking about it. I tried bio-oil which is meant to make scars fade but that didn't help much at all.

So now its about 5 months since I lost my Madison piercing. The scar is still there but has faded, but still very noticeable. But I guess that's my fault, I should of taken it out when it first shown signs of rejection, and I should of researched the piercing first instead of it being a spare of the moment decision. Well that's my Madison story. The good, the bad, and the scar.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: The+Piercer
Studio: Steel+Demon
Location: Canberra%2C+Australia

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