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Clavicle surface piercing

About 7 months ago a saw a picture of a boy with this strange piercing I had never seen before. The piercings were so cute, four silver little balls situated under his collar bone. I shoved it to the back of my mind thinking that there was no way in hell I'd ever build up enough courage to even contemplate getting a surface piercing. I'm not a heavily pierced girl by any stretch of the imagination. I've got a few ear piercings and that's it, nothing overly spectacular – an industrial, a couple of tunnels, average stuff. I stopped thinking about getting anything else done.

A few months later something must have jogged my memory. Maybe I saw something similar to the clavicle piercing, I don't know but I couldn't stop thinking about it. One day sitting in a lecture in university I spent the entire hour convincing myself to just go and do it, on my own, shock everyone who thought I'd never have the guts to. So I did...well apart from the on my own bit – I drafted in my flat mate to accompany me.

I walked to Glasgow Piercing Studio, terrified, contemplating backing out, pinching my skin in an attempt to simulate the pain. I knew once I was in the door there was no going back. I walked in.

Rachel's lovely and she knows my flatmate who's been going to her for years. I was still shitting it though. Rachel marked my chest and got me to move my arms about to make sure the bars were in a decent place. After looking in the mirror and agreeing on the placement I lay down and kinda zoned out. Rachel started talking to me about my cat which took my mind off what she was actually doing. She froze the two areas which was probably the most unpleasant part! I felt a kind of dull pain as she pushed the needle through my skin but nothing unbearable. I didn't even dread her doing the second one. It was the least painful piercing I've ever had. I expected the surface bars, because of their shape, to really hurt when she put them in but I didn't even feel it to be honest. I stood up and had a look in the mirror. Amazing!!! I was actually so chuffed and shocked that I had in fact gone through with it. They didn't bleed, there was barely any swelling, and even once the freezing agent had worn off they weren't that painful. Rachel covered them up and told me about the aftercare and told me to come back if there were any problems at all.

The piercings were fine for weeks, then I stupidly took the fact they hadn't got infected for granted and got a bit slack with my saline soaks. Of course they started to go red and a bit sore and then started oozing rank puss. For about two weeks they looked horrible, but it was my own fault. At this time I happened to get a throat infection and was issued with penicillin. I think the penicillin helped clear up the infection in my piercing as well(I read the wee leaflet that came with it and it said something about helping skin infections). That was pretty lucky. After this they were fine, I was proud to show them off again!

I expected people to be a bit shocked when I showed them what I had done. Strangers were either intrigued or utterly disgusted. That's fine, I can understand that they're not common and they freak some people out. If I wanted to cover them up I just wore a tee shirt or beads, it was no problem at all. I loved them so much.

I was always aware that even with the specially designed surface bars the rate of rejection for this kind of piercing was high and that even at best they might not last more than 4/5 months. Sadly today, about 4 months after I got it done they had to go. One was rejecting quicker than the other meaning I could see the grey colour of the bar through my skin and a lot of the stem was visible. I wanted minimal scarring so I took a trip back to GPS and Deb's took them out for me. It's a really sad day for me, I feel like something's missing! Once the holes have healed up and they've settled down I plan to get them re done with the hope that they'll last a wee bit longer.

To anyone contemplating this piercing I'd say go for it but be prepared for people's opinions. They don't hold back which is hilarious really because I'd never walk up to someone and say "here mate that tattoo is RANK" but what can you do?

Go for it, look after it, and love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rachel
Studio: Glasgow+Piercing+Studio
Location: Glasgow

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