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My First Surface Piercing - Short and Sweet....

I had got my rook pierced two days ago, on a whim on my lunch hour. So today when I decided to go shopping (I wanted yet another pair of shoes!) I was not expecting to come home with my first surface piercing....

Let me explain a little. I am not new to piercings. I have an 8mm stretch, scaffolding, six studs running up my left ear and my lip. And of course the new rook. I had met my friend Chris in town to do dome some shopping and the first thing he said was that he needed to go to pro-body to get some new barbells. My eyes lit up. I told him, that it was not a good idea to let me go there, that I would want another piercing, and that my boyfriend would go mad if I got another so soon after the last. But never the less off we went.

It was quite busy when we got there, as per usual for a Saturday. We mooched about for a bit looking at jewelry, deciding already what I would put in my rook once it was healed. Paul came out and looked at me, smiling. He asked me what I wanted. We spent some time discussing it. I first asked about a conch piercing, but decided it was too heavy after only just getting a rook. We discussed a rook to conch on my right ear with my standard scaffolding but then I wouldn't be able to sleep on either ear. We talked about a wrist surface piercing when I suddenly thought about the corseting I wanted. I originally wanted it down my side, but after realizing how painful it would be I decided to get two to start with on my back. But it was too expensive. So I decided that today would be a wrist piercing day.

After all that we went through to the piercing room and I sat on the oh-so-familiar chair. While Paul was gloving up we talked about how well and fast my scaffolding had healed and other bits and pieces. The needle came out, all packedged up, and the surface barbell. He showed me this, with the raised balls, and explained why. Everything as set out and it was time to figure out the placing. He put the dots on and asked me if they were ok. I am pretty slim and I was worried about how close to my wrist bone they were so we moved them a little further back. It looked good!

Chris stood up and said that he would wait outside. I told him that he was the one who brought me here and therefore he would damn well stay and watch! Paul did the piercing freehand and so pinched up the skin. The needle slid through, and that was it. There was a pinching feeling, and a literal sliding feeling. It was amazing watching the needle bite into my skin and poke out the other side. The surface barbell went through and the ball was on! It was so simple and painless! Paul squished it about a bit so it sat nicely and I paid.

This was the first piercing I could watch properly and I have to admit to watch all of it was fantastic.

Then came the healing process. This did not go quite as smoothly as the piercing process. I work in an office, and have to dress pretty smart – this means sleeves, even though I am a girl. Every time I went to pick up the phone, my sleeve caught it. Every time I moved my arms to type, my sleeve caught it. Every time I moved in my sleep it got squished.

However patience is as they say a virtue. But then after a few days the oozing started. To be honest, it was in such a place that it was faaar too easy for me to mess with it and play with it. Which did not help and was probably a major factor in what was to be the retirement of my first surface piercing.

I told The Boy that I was thinking about taking it out. But decided to try it a bit longer. I really wanted to keep it. Three weeks after I got it done, I was out at Paradise II in Halifax with my friend Amaz to get her tongue pierced (it turned out she got her belly button done again – but that is another story). While this was going on I made the decision that while I loved the wrist piercing I would rather have no piercing at all than one that would not heal and look ugly. I have seen unhappy piercings on others and it makes me sad. I didn't want to take it out myself, it was sore and I did not want to make it any worse so the lovely people at Paradise II did it for me.

The holes are now healing nicely, and while I miss it I know it was the right thing to do. I have another surface piercing now, which is in a much safer place, and is already by far happier and is settling and healing nicely now.

So the advice is – surface piercings are beautiful but hard work. Make sure that you are prepared to take care of it before you get it done!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: Pro-Body
Location: Bradford

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