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My anti experience

So I've wanted to get my anti-eyebrow done for about three years. I had even planned to get it done with a surface bar when I was about 16, but when I went in to get sized for it, the piercer told me that I had to be 18 for a surface piercing. He told me to keep informed on the latest types of piercings and procedures on the BME site, and also told me about the micro-dermal implant procedure. The way that he explained it, it didn't sound like it had been around for too long, and it didn't seem like a very good idea at all, considering that there would be a piece of metal under my skin, separate from the part on the outside. I kept checking stuff out on the site and decided to go for the surface bar. Too bad by the time I turned 18, the piercer I was going to go to just decided to retire...

So I found out about Dragon F/X in Edmonton, and my friend and I both wanted to get piercings done, so we made the trek to Edmonton. She was getting her cheeks done. When we got there I found out that surface bars are pretty non-permanent due to migrations, and they told me again about the micro-dermal implant procedure. Mostly, I was really freaked out and basically decided not to do it at all. The key phrase that turned me off the whole idea entirely was "you need to have them removed with a scalpel".

That pretty much scared the ba-jeezers out of me, but after walking around for the longest time, I went back and asked about ten more questions. I was mostly worried about scarring and removal, but the staff assured me the removal isn't too bad and the scar is only about the size of a surface bar's scar. So I definitely went for it! I love it so much and the placement of it is perfect. It didn't really hurt too bad, it just felt super-weird, so if you're planning on getting it done, no worries, and I'm pretty sure that the implant procedure is the way to go!!! As far as I can figure, the procedure goes as such (but I could be wrong). First, the guy poked straight down, perpendicular to the surface of my skin. After that, he inserted a long, thin scalpel into the hole and kind of pushed it around to make a pocket. (Like I said, it didn't really hurt, just felt weird.) The extent of the pain was the piercer squeezing my face. Then he inserted the implanted part under the surface, made sure it was in the pocketed area, then put the disk on the other part.

My friend that had her cheeks done had the implants as well, and she figures that it was done the same sort of way.

The only problems I've had with mine were slight bruising (which is obviously to be expected) and some issues with the angles of the outer disks. The bruising lasted about a week and a half, and the pain when I hit it pretty much lasted about 6 weeks, which, from what I understand, is a pretty reasonable time for that kind of healing. I can sleep on it now (its been 8 weeks) and it doesn't even hurt when I get up! So they healed pretty fast, and the look of it has looked healed from the start, other than the bruising. So it never was REALLY swollen and gross looking. Crusties were minimal, and there was never any more blood than the original dried blood that was under it for a bit until it dissolved from the salt-water spray. I highly recommend the spray if you can get it, by the way, it seemed to flush out anything that got under the disk. The only thing with the angles of the disks against my skin it that one is a bit tilted and the other is not flush with my skin and sticks out about 3 mm. I haven't checked with my piercer yet, though, so it might not be a problem at all. I hope not! I would have thought that they might have flattened a bit more to my skin when the swelling went down, but not so much. The one side of the tilted one is pushing a bit into the surface of my skin, though it doesn't hurt, and the other side of it is sticking up about 1 or 2 mm. The raised one doesn't look too bad, and I think it mostly just bothers me that its not flush with my skin. My doctor said to wait a total of about 12 weeks before getting too worried, so I'm not too concerned. I tried to email the piercing shop to ask them, and I even sent pictures, but they never responded, so if you're having the same issue and have an answer, could you let me know?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Lane+Jensen
Studio: Dragon+F%2FX+Kingsway
Location: Edmonton%2C+AB%2C+CA

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