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To Peoria and back we go.

It all started the day I opened BME and the main article was 'The Next Big Thing? Microdermals and Surface Anchors.' From that moment on I was intrigued by their design, simplicity, and versatility. I got all excited like a little school girl and started talking about them with everyone, even those who I knew didn't care. The excitement kind of wore off as I continued to research them and looked into where I could get one done at. I knew I would get one sometime, I just didn't know when, or how for that matter. This was the first time I noticed Bryan Thomas. He pierces out of a studio about an hour and a half from where I am located. He was interviewed in the article I read, but from what he said in it he wasn't interested in offering them to the general public yet. The thought crossed my mind of doing it myself. I'm glad that was a short-lived thought.

Fast forward about 3 months. It is now February, and for some reason microdermals are all I can think about again. I decide to shoot an email to Bryan to see if he has changed his mind about offering them to the general public. At first he tells me that he is only doing them on a case-by-case basis, and that I would have to come in for a consultation. I am fine with this, but don't really want to make the drive twice. So, after about 4 emails I convince him that I am not a hack and we start talking by phone. About a month goes by since the first contact I had with him, and the jewelry is in. We set up an appointment.

This is when it really hits me. I am actually going to do this. I didn't even know exactly where I wanted it. I had thought I knew were I wanted it so many times. Wrist, ankle, arm, collar bone, pretty much anywhere you can think of I was convinced at one point that I would get it there.

The weekend final came to get it done. I invited my Ex-girlfriend (Jamie) to come with me, because she is fun and all that good stuff. I decided to get a hotel room and turn it into a little mini-vacation. Saturday comes and we back up and head out. We get to our hotel room at about 3:30, and I told Bryan I would try to arrive at around 5. Surprisingly enough, I turned my car off at exactly 5:00 in front of Mojo Studios. I was very proud of myself. I paused in front of the door before I walked in. I gave Jamie a stupid look, and she laughed and forced me to go in. We walked in to find a very clean looking studio. I was very much at ease.Bryan was out at the moment getting food so we take a seat. No more than 5 minutes later he walks in and I finally get to meet him. After meeting him face to face I felt as thought I had known him for years. He is such a friendly person. He explains that he has some of the stuff he needs for the procedure in the autoclave, so we talk for the next half an hour or so. I'm sure I was pacing around the shop all nervous and excited. The autoclave got done and we headed back into his room. Again, very clean, sterile, I had no second thoughts about getting pierced by him.

The final placement that I decided on was right about my left collarbone. Apparently this was an odd placement. He had me move my arm and head up and down and all around to make sure that it would work out, and it did. Jamie had marked a spot before we left the hotel room, and I am pretty sure he used that marked spot. Good work Jamie! I laid and started getting anxious and nervous and excited all in one. He starts me breathing, and after a big exhale he pokes me for the first time. The pain was nothing at all. He tries to get the jewelry in, but is having some troubles and he ends up having to stick me one or two more times. Again, I feel almost no pain. After some poking and prodding it is finally in. I look in the mirror, and it is perfect. Just what I wanted!

Jamie ended up getting her lip pierced, and the tattoo apprentice got her nose pierced. That is a whole other story that she can write about if she wants. Bryan, being the ultra nice guy that he is, invited us over to his house later than night to hang out. He told me they were going to throw some hooks in their backs and pull a truck. Of course I will come! The whole experience was awesome. I hope this heals up well, and I get another one on my other collarbone. Please, if anyone is ever in Peoria go to Bryan Thomas @ Mojo Studios! He's the shit.


submitted by: Moe
on: 11 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Bryan+Thomas
Studio: Mojo+Studios
Location: Peoria%2C+Il

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