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The Life and Death of Yet Another Surface Piercing

Some of you may have read my experience which spoke of getting two vertically placed surface piercings on my sternum. If not, it's a prerequisite to this story. Read here. Let it be known that I go into projects like these KNOWING FULL WELL that there's a very small chance of them healing. Sure, some people can heal all the surface piercings they want! Most can't, and I'm in the 'most' category. What I can and can't heal has no reverberations onto my piercer, whatsoever. I just like experimenting a little too much sometimes. So the story begins on June 15, 2006. That took some skill to track down, let me tell you. Anyway, that would be the night that I went in to the Studio and got said surface piercings. I went home and treated them well, I thought. There was a little pulling on my skin when I stretched out for bed, but really there was no other discomfort. I figured that hell, these might heal after all! Thoughts can be deceiving. The first month or so went pretty smooth. I sprayed them with H2O nearly every day. They were still a little sore, which was to be expected, and they remained a soft reddish pink color around each entry and exit hole. No problem, that's normal. Day after day I would take a shower, they would excrete what most folks call 'crusties' and sometimes a little blood. Not sure why, but it all seemed part of the healing process. I did what normal teenagers do in the summer: I swam. Not just in my back yard, but at a chlorine infested public pool. It was suggested to me that I not, but if you know what 100% humidity feels like, you know how desperate I was to get in that pool. My chest looked amazing. Sure, it was just four beads down my sternum, but they were sexy to me, which is a rarity for me to feel. They began to act up during months two through four, which I wasn't surprised about. They're surface piercings and my last one failed. More and more crusties came out of the piercings. They remained an angry shade of red around those points where the jewelry sat. I ordered curved barbells online, hoping this might do the trick. I hoped less pressure would be on the entry and exit points. It helped for a few days and they looked fine, then that old pinkish red coloring came back. When pierced, one was placed deeper. That became evident as soon as I saw the first signs of migration. The holes that corresponded with the top piercing began to grow into a purplish color, telling me that there was more pressure on that hole. I could also feel the jewelry a bit more than I could before. I gave up and took the top one out before scar tissue could form at the top layer of my skin. I learned to do this the hard way with my last surface piercing. I didn't even really have to consult my piercer as I knew it was the inevitable just from looking at it. A few weeks went by and as I kept trying to heal the lower one, it just wasn't happening. I took the other one out as well, leaving me four angry red dots on my chest, two of which were bleeding. Being the interested person I was, I tried to squeeze the area and get as much gunk out of there as I possibly could. I knew they were going to heal shut and I just didn't want anything in there. I even took a shower just to be as sure as I could. To this day the scars are still there and I can still feel the fistula of each piercing in my chest. It's a little weird, but I knew they'd be there. I can't really do much about my lost piercings, as I just have four little bumps where they once were. Gone, but not forgotten, I say. And I loved them while they were here. $100, four scars, and several months later, the scars still itch, though I'm not sure why scars itch at all. I don't regret my decision to try and heal these piercings, I only regret not taking more photos so I can better document a thing like this. I've told myself it was more of an experimental thing, and I agree. I went into it having already had a surface piercing fail. I don't give up easily when it comes to trying something new! For now, I'm planning a few new piercings for the summer. One of my plans is to place a microdermal over each scar. I can still have the effects of the piercings with less problems and I'm sure my old scar tissue will help secure them this time. Expect to read about these little dots again sometime this summer or fall. This is one project I want to jump into as soon as I can!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kathy+W.
Studio: Studio+24
Location: Delaware%2C+OH

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