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The birth and death of my surface piercing.

About a year ago I came across the surface piercing section under BME piercing and I took a gander. I was just looking around on random sections because I was bored; I wasn't even planning on getting a new modification. When I came across a picture of a girl with a barbell right under her collarbone I fell in love. Before that time I had never even considered a surface piercing. I had always thought that surface piercings were too extreme for me. I loved the idea because it was really pretty but edgy at the same time. Also the girl had other modifications similar to the ones I already had (monroe, nose, and various ear piercings). I started doing research; I looked at pictures on BME and read experience after experience. Even though I learned that it probably wouldn't heal very well (especially since I have a history of healing badly) I still wanted it done. After more serious consideration and much ado with getting my mom to agree to letting me get this done I was ready (about 10 months ago). Actually I was very surprised my mom agreed to it, but I guess she thought it was cute.

When I went to my favorite shop I was greeted with a friendly hello and I told the piercer what I wanted done. So we went into the all familiar back room with the big cold chair. After he marked the position he had me move around and then repositioned it because it would have rested on my bone when I laid down. It took him awhile to get a grip on the skin because he doesn't like to use clamps with anything. After taking the needle out of the package I calmed down and he gave me the familiar instruction, "breathe in and on the exhale I'll pierce." The needle popped through the first end and I could feel it slide through to the other side and then there was some difficulty to get it through the skin again, but it came out and instead of the usual popping feeling it felt like a tear. It was odd because all the piercings I had already were quick where this one took a bit longer. Although it wasn't the yell-out-loud-pain I was expecting, it did hurt quite a bit. I have a phobia of needles which I am trying to get over and waiting for him to put the jewelry in is the worst part. Sliding the jewelry through didn't hurt much; it was more uncomfortable than painful. It bled a little, but I don't normally bleed that much so it's probably different for everyone. After getting cleaned up and repeatedly warning the piercer I threw up. I used to throw up but I got over it, or so I thought. It was kind of embarrassing but it happens. Afterward I felt much better. I think this piercing was just more intense because it took longer and hurt considerably more than any I have gotten before. For this piercing many people get two done; one on each side, but I like the look of just one.

The aftercare instructions are pretty much the same for this piercing as any other, it just takes awhile longer to heal than others. I went home not only very pleased but very proud of my new piercing. The feeling of metal under your skin is amazing and incredibly unique. Taking care of this piercing was very important to me; seeing as it hurt and I loved it. Doing a sea salt soak on your chest is quite a tricky task (which I hadn't really even thought about before getting it done); given that there's really no practical way of laying or sitting to get this particular area; but I adapted. I took a small container and managed to press it around the area. For awhile it seemed to be healing nicely but trouble was afoot. As you might hear, surface piercings often reject; mine started to.

I went to my piercer and he told me that if I took good care of it I could probably save it but my mom wasn't convinced so I had to take it out. The actual process of taking it out didn't really hurt, it was uncomfortable but not painful. After taking it out he squeezed some puss out of the hole, which was pretty gross. The holes are all closed up and now I have two round scars on my chest. Once I took the jewelry out it healed incredibly fast. It looks like a vampire attacked me and missed.

Although in the end I wasn't able to keep my surface piercing and I now have a relatively prominent scar I don't regret the experience at all. While I had it, my surface piercing was beautiful and maybe some time I will have it redone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jorien+T.
Studio: Metamorphisis
Location: Kingston%2C+New+York

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