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My first surface piercing -- Sternum!!!

A few months ago, I was browsing surface piercings on BME. I have a few piercings, but nothing too out of the ordinary (nose, tragus, conch, monroe, navel)... My sister had gotten her nape done a couple months before, and I really wanted to try out a surface piercing myself. That's when I came across the sternum piercing. It looked so cute! And living in such a small town as I do, nobody had it done -- or would have ever thought it could be done.

I thought about getting it pierced, but soon forgot about it. A few weeks ago, while browsing BME again, I remembered the sternum piercing and how cute it had looked. I immediately decided that I had to have one. My mom is really cool with piercings, so I knew she would say yes. At first, she didn't love the idea. She told me that I would have two scars if it rejected and that it wouldn't look nice if I wanted to wear a gown or dress up. I quickly pushed those thoughts out of her mind. The funny thing is, when I was trying to convince her, she said "Why don't you get a tattoo instead?"...And she was 100% serious! Like, a tattoo is less permanent or something? No...Haha. But I told her I didn't want a tattoo yet, and when I did, it would be because I really wanted it and not because I was settling on getting one because she wouldn't let me get something else.

I knew, of course, that surface piercings had a high rejection rate, even if well taken care of. This didn't bother me. I knew it would be cute while it lasted.

I convinced my mom about two days after originally asking for it and immediately went to the Blue Buddha to talk to Derek. The Blue Buddha is the most reputable place in town. Derek, the piercer, is extremely experienced, clean, and informative. I haven't had any piercings done in a while, so I hadn't ever been pierced there, but I had been there many times with friends to get pierced and to ask Derek about my piercings. My sister has gotten her tongue webbing, something on her ear (can't remember what), nostril and septum done there. My boyfriend has gotten two labret done there. Sierra and my boyfriend had also both gotten their napes done there, so I knew that he was good at surface piercings. My sister, Sierra, has had her nape now for about seven or eight months, which is pretty good for a surface piercing. My boyfriend's, unfortunately, rejected (I don't think he took care of it right) but he's gonna get it done there again soon.

I was hardly new to the concept of surface piercings, so we went over the basics and made an appointment. I had to cancel it because I was sick (booo!)I then scheduled a new one.

I could hardly wait go get out of work all day...I was so excited! That Saturday, I went I left work and drove twenty minutes to the Blue Buddha. Derek and my boyfriend were there chatting and when I walked in I quickly went into the room to begin the procedure. I had to take off my shirt (but not my bra) for the placement I wanted, which was awkward with my boyfriend there because there were two other guys in the room (Derek and his apprentice, Jesse). He cleaned me up really well, spent some time marking me up, and had me lay down on the table after we had marked and measured it JUST RIGHT.

He used the punch and taper method, which means punching two holes where the ends of the bar are and then using a taper to seperate the tissue and connect it with the jewelery. The punches felt like shots at the doctor's office. They hurt, but it wasn't unbearable. The taper was really weird because I felt like my whole chest was being lifted up! None of the procedure was too painful, but it definitely hurt.

When I was done, I couldn't wait to get up and see it. I looked at it in the mirror and it was perfect! It is placed just right and sits so great. The procedure went very well. It is two days after getting it done and it looks great. I do hot compresses at least twice a day for 3-5 minutes and wear a clean shirt to bed every night. Taking a shower is a bit more difficult, because I don't want to get soap in it, but it's worth it. I had heard that sleeping was difficult because your boobs crush it, but I haven't had much trouble. I'm not that big, but still, I can't complain. My boyfriend thinks it's really hott too, so he can't complain either!

People see it now and they're like "What the fuck???" and are really confused. Most people think it's pretty cute though. I definitely want to buy some more low cut shirts to show it off!

Derek did a great job, and with the way he placed it, maybe I'll have it for a long time. Who knows? Surface piercings are hard to tell. I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone who wants to try something new or draw a little more attention to their chest...


submitted by: pixiepink
on: 11 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Derek
Studio: Blue+Buddha
Location: Burlington%2C+VT

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