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A surface star is born

I had been wanting a surface star below my belly button for about three months and I kept telling myself that as soon as I was 18 I was getting it for myself as a sort of reward for making it to adulthood virtually unscathed. What? All people should do this sort of transition to adulthood. I decided on the surface star becuase I wanted something unique that I had never seen before in real life. In fact, I have never seen someone with a surface star in the same spot as me. I already had a variety of earrings and my nape pierced, plus I had my eyebrow done before. I was no stranger to piercings. My jobs are pretty conservative, no I could not get a facial piercing--plus my nipples are inverted and I am not ready for a genetalia piercing, so some sort of obscene surface piercing seemed in order. I basically used a process of elimination until I was quite satisfied in my decision.

My piercer is FANTASTIC at what he does and right away he decided that below the belly button was a bad spot--the bars he had were too big and the area saw too much contact. We then had the idea to use my chest, but my boobs are just ever so slightly gigantic, so the piercing would not sit right now matter what angles we chose to use. I was getting upset thinking this piercing was not going to happen and I was so looking foward to it. Eventually we moved on to a break time with smoking and watching some National Geographic on TV. Eventaully it was decided that we would use the center of my stomach, below my boobs and ending above my belly button. Like I said, the bars are big. The other place it could have gone was my back, and that was not going to happen! I wanted to be able to SEE the piercing, you guys understand.

He literally spent an hour and 20 minutes in front of my tummy with a pen, marking, measuring, thinking, erasing everything and starting over again. I can still smell the wintergreen alcohol he used, very strong shit. It was a big deal to Ernie (the piercer), he really wanted to get this one right. That's why it's always worth it to find a piercer that is truely proud of his work and wants to do the best job he can do. When he was satisfied and I was satisfied I was instructed to lie down and he would pierce me.

The first needle hurt so much, it really caught me by surprise. The pain was like this awful pinching, stabbing sensation. Seriously, it hurt! I believe I began babbling and singing children's songs to distract myself. For example, I was telling my friend how sorry I was that he got made fun of in high school for being born with only one nose. Then I was making up songs about squirrels that turn into hedgehogs. For some reason when I am nervous I get goofy. So thye're laughing, I'm singing..and all is well up until the fourth needle where he accidently stabbed himself under his nail with my needle. We all kind of paniced after that one, I basically just shared a needle with him. Big bummer! So after I assured him abnout my STD-free status he finished and I got up to look. It was bloody and swollen, but looks amazing!! I am so happy with the place we chose and how the entire star came out. Definetley worth it!!

Two days later I had a not so fun experience with the star though:

A ball fell out of one of the center bars. I paniced, because if that bar fell out I knew there was no way I could properly get the piercing redone due to scar tissue, bad placement, et cetra. So I eneded up having to use scotch tape and TAPE the bar into place while I called everyone I knew with piercings who could lend me an extra ball. Eventaully I had to get on a bus during a really awful blizzard to go to another county for the chance of getting a new ball the next day. I did get a new ball to replace the lost one and one extra ball for emergencies. I am so lucky to have found that ball, must remember to get some more.

It's about four days now that I have had my surface star and some bruises have formed over the places where the bars are under my skin. Overall, it's doing well. I'm keeping it clean, wearing loose clothing, giving it air when I am free to be nude and monitering the healing process. You can also bet that I am retightening those balls far too often!

Everyone that has seen my star has loved it, except for my father...He's just grossed out by any piercing. I have gotten loads of comment on MySpace and such. I am so happy I got this piercing done, it was an amazing experience that I have fully enjoyed retelling for all you fine folks at BME Zine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ernie+Reid
Studio: Body+%26+Soul
Location: North+Bergen%2C+NJ

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