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WRIST PIERCING goes slightly wrong

I've always been a big fan of surface piercings, much to my mothers dismay (she isn't keen), you can imagine her face when I came home with a wrist piercing.

The piercing was done by Debbie, in Stamford UK. I had been contemplating it for a little over a month, I knew it was not going to last long, 6 months at the longest, it was more for the reaction from other people, I like to be a little different and seen as odd, so a wrist piercing was perfect.

I watched the piercing happen, the clamp didn't hurt at all and I was amazed that it did not actually hurt as the needle went through.

I always hate when the piercer changes the canular for the jewellery, it pulls and hurts I find, but I was pleasantly surprised when the jewellery went in with ease, strange how the weird shapes go in much easier than a "normal" bar.

I had a strange tingling in my hand, kind of like pins and needles, felt like I had hit my funny bone, it lasted for around five minutes, i knew i was going to have problems when Debbie said "I always tell people surface piercings do not bleed...and you have to be awkward!" I was bleeding, not heavily just a little and my wrist had swollen instantly.

I paid and wandered off home, two piercings better off. Mum was not to keen but she admitted it did look cool, which is all that mattered, although do not get me wrong, I did not get this piercing to look cool, I got it because I wanted it and because it was different.

I had a small problem that night (it was a saturday), as I sleep with one hand under the pillow, the hand happening to be my right, the side I had pierced. Gradually I found a more comfortable position and slept well.

Sunday and my wrist and hand were rather swollen and very sore, it didn't help when my dog jumped on my arm, but that can be forgiven, by sunday afternoon the piercing sites were very red and sore, but as this was a new piercing, it was to be expected, I did not think much of it until Monday evening. During the day while messing around with a friend, he grabbed my wrist...

You can guess which wrist, it moved the bar, made it bleed and caused my hand to get that familiar pins and needles feeling i now knew so well. By Monday evening it was very painful and I had to take a painkiller to get to sleep.

Skip forward to Thursday, now nearly a week old, my wrist was still swollen and painful, the joint was stiff and no matter how lightly something touched the bar, my hand hurt with an instant pain.

It was time for the bar to come out. It is the shortest lived piercing i have ever had, but it was a good (nearly) week.

Getting the bar out was the fun part, I tried to carefully manoeuvre it out, without yanking it and splitting the skin, but to no avail, i had to get mum to grip my wrist and pinch the skin so i could slide the bar out easily, instant blood and gunk but my wrist felt better.

To clean it? I poured 6% hydrogen peroxide over it! it was definately clean, and now over a week since taking it out it is healing well, the scars look cool...like a vampire wanted a quick nibble in the night.

would i get it re-done? possibly... but I would probably have the same problems, because of how open the area is.

i wish to say at this point that the fact the piercing went yuck is not Debbie's fault, everything was clean and sterile and done properly, the fact it went yuck is my fault, I should have thought more carefully about it's placement and it would have probably stayed, but it was right on the joint and so was left open to the elements.

i went back to see Debbie, and showed her my wrist, and her words? "Next time you have a problem, do not take it out come back and see me and we will sort it out somehow."

doh although I don't think i could have left it another day, i was in pain as it was and I needed sleep and my arm back.

you may say "did you keep it clean?" yes I did twice a day as instructed, but knowing how my body reacts at the best of times, it probably did not have a chance anyway.

Practicality of the piercing is zilch. it catches on everything and is just in the right place to be easily grabbed, caught and moved... I am kind of glad i no longer have it, as it seems to be a rather popular and fashionable piercing, atleast around our area.

Overall though, a great piercing to freak people out with! I don't regret a thing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Debbie
Studio: piercing+by+debbie
Location: stamford%2C+UK

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