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The journey of my hip surface piercing

While browsing BME I found a picture of a hip surface piercing and instantly fell in love. I knew I had to have it. So I waited a few months and somehow convinced my parents and on May 13 (my 17th birthday) I went to Punktured in Brisbane to get my 9th piercing. The guys there were great and friendly , my parents signed the forms (though Dad wasn't too supportive of me putting a piercing through my hip) and out I went to the studio.

Simon marked me up, I checked it and we were ready to go. I had prepared myself for a very painful piercing but surprisingly I barely felt it at all. I lay down and in went the needle. I barely felt it. I wasn't watching at this stage, but I guess then the tygon went through and then the balls were put on the end.And I was done. loved it. The reaction from my friends was mixed. Some friends loved it and it prompted them to consider a surface piercing of their own. And some thought it was weird and disgusting and refused to look at it, so of course I showed them every opportunity I could.

I followed all the aftercare instructions religiously but unfortunately some things can't be avoided. This piercing had a very rough life. A few weeks after I got it I noticed it was very red and sore and slightly swollen. So after it didn't look any better overnight I went straight in to see Simon to check it was okay. Luckily it was just a bit angry from being bumped, probably in my sleep and it recovered within a couple of days. A few months later I was jumping out of the car and the seatbelt caught on my piercing. It ripped and bled a little but with good care it healed ago, though left a little red lump of scar tissue that it thought nothing of. A few other similar incidents happened but all in all it was quite a happy piercing and I absolutely loved it.

At the end of the year I finally decided to go get my other hip done, though that's not important in this story. I'll give you a quick overview anyway. I went back into Punktured and Craig spent about 20 minutes trying to mark it up so it was level with the first one. It wasn't completely even but I think we got it as close as possible. This one hurt a bit more, probably because I watched, or because I wasn't expecting any pain. This one healed fine and I knew what to expect and made sure not to get it bumped or anything.

Okay, so back to the first piercing. A few weeks ago I went to the Gold Coast. I went in a spa and that night noticed that my piercing was quite sore. I cleaned it and hoped it would clear up. It continued this way and was starting to look quite red. Silly me thought nothing of it and thought it would clear up. A few days later I woke up to a very sore and angry piercing. It was actually so bad that I could barely move. It was very red and swollen and there were 2 quite large and tender red bumps at each entry point. So I went into Punktured and asked what was up. We decided it was probably just a reaction to the tygon, which hadn't been changed at all. Apparently it needs to be, a fact I wasn't aware of with all my research. So out the back I went and one of the guys took the jewellery off. I'll tell you know, all the pain I didn't experience in the original piercing procedure, I felt then. So he squeezed all the nasty gunk out of the piercing (ouch!) and cleaned it all up. The tygon was replaced and off I went, hoping it would be okay the next day.

I woke up the next day still in quite a bit of pain, though not as bad and thought it might be starting to heal. When I cleaned it though, I noticed a small yellow abscess had formed at one entry point. I cleaned it as I had been told how and carried on. However, throughout the day I gradually started feeling sick and dizzy and developed a fever. Sure signs of an infection. So, off I went to the doctors. Of course the doctor took one look at my piercing and said it was quite badly infected. So it had to come out, because when a foreign body is involved in an infection it has to be removed. So my beautiful piercing was removed and the nurse cleaned it all and I was put on a course of antibiotics.

That was about a week ago and where the piercing was is healing nicely. I have two little red scars to remember my first surface piercing and looking back I suppose I am lucky to have had it as long as I did. I'm still not sure what caused the infection. Whether it was the tygon, the chlorine in the spa or just that it developed gradually over it's life and I hadn't noticed. I miss my piercing but I haven't decided yet if I want to get it re-done or try something different.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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