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My sexy new sternum piercing

This all started when I got my first full time pay check. I knew I needed to blow it. I had got my tongue done a few weeks ago and I got obsessed with piercings. My past experience with piercings has been good. My first real piercings, obviously not counting my ears i got when I was 5, were my nose, belly button and both nipples all at once. It was so much fun!! There was very little pain. I went to Kitchener to get them done with my friend Amanda. Then a year later my tongue. With me was my friend Stephanie who I love so much. And so I came to the conclusion I wanted a surface piercing. At first I wanted two surface piercings on my chest horizontally but on the side a bit, so I called around and found a good place to get it done and went in for a consult. I met Ben there but not for the first time turns out he tapered my nose once before because I ripped it out in my sleep. He didn't remember, I did though, goes to show how many piercings he does whoa. He was really nice and really honest. I really wanted a punch and taper but after talking to him I knew I could trust him and let him do what he see fit. He told me that the surface piercings I wanted would definitely reject he then suggested a STERNUM piercing. I knew I was going to get my nose done because my boss made me take it out and it closed. Well not really my bosses fault it was my bosses bosses fault but any ways. He told me I couldn't get it on the same side as before because it was not fully healed yet, so I decided on my left side. I looked around the store for a bit I was with my friend Kim who was too broke and too chicken to get a tattoo. I was thinking about getting a horizontal eyebrow piercing but at Future Skin you can only get two at a time other wise I would have got all three. After like forever I said okay, Sternum and Nose I am so sure they were irritated by my hesitance but they waited patiently. Then the process started he took a barbell from the display case, wrapped proving the sterilization of the product and went into a little room where he prepared my barbell, I was nervous thinking he was going to use a flat barbell but thank god no he did not he made it to fit me and bent and manipulated it to suit my needs.
He called me into the room were he told me to lower my shirt a bit, it was a low cut shirt any ways so no need to take the shirt off, plus I don't think he is aloud you need to be 18 for nipple piercings and such, he drew dots on where he thought my piercing should go. I noticed again everything was wrapped and sterile. I remember thinking "OH MY GOD" but Kim told me earlier that he is a professional he knows best and don't worry, so I didn't and I said where he wanted it to go was fine. He doted my nose as well and I made him move it once then it was good. I asked for him to do my nose first just to prepare and stuff.
Pinch and then the nose is done. Usually I was asked to take a deep breath before the needle goes through but he didn't and it felt uncomfortable because I hold my breath till it's done. I asked him to tell me next time and he did. So here I am getting my first surface piercing he told me earlier he does his piercings free hand so he did this freehand as well, again professional just trust him. And so I held my breath, didn't jerk or anything and pinch of skin then pinch as the needle went through it felt just like my nose, and then he put the bar in and that hurt the most!!! But once it was in and I was all cleaned up (I bleed a fair amount) he let me look it was awesome, and the funny part is that Kim was more nervous then me and couldn't watch but another girl at the piercing place was really nice so I let her watch too.
ANYWAYS I thought he was so nice and I really loved my experience. THANK YOU BEN!!! I tipped him a 20 so the total was $160 and then I left and spent the rest of my pay check pretty much. THANKS SO MUCH BEN!!! I'll see you soon for my next piercings!! AND A PIC OF MY NEW STERNUM PIERCING


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: BEN
Studio: Future+Skin
Location: Down+town+Ottawa

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