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my favourite piercing

I was in bed one night considering getting a surface piercing on my forearm when i suddenly decided to get the nape of my neck done instead. I I've seen it on a few random people before, but no one I know has it and i've always thought it looked pretty awesome. A forearm surface piercing would be more visible, and may have caused me problems with dress codes at work etc, but with a nape piercing, I could easily hide it by wearing my hair down. Over the next few days I decided i really really wanted a bar in my neck.

It took me about a week to get down to The Piercing Studio in Bangor (Northern Ireland). I decided to go there as they had pierced my tongue and i was extremely happy with it. The same guy also pierced my friend's tongue and nose, and put plugs in the ears of a few people I know. He has a great reputation and is generally a nice guy. The piercer (I'm pretty sure his name is Dan, but not certain...) took a look at my neck and told me the skin on the back of my neck wasn't loose enough to pierce without the risk of the bar 'growing out'. By this time, I was pretty in love with the idea of a nape piercing and was really disappointed to hear that I might not be able to get it. Dan told me to go away and think about it, saying that he would be willing to pierce it with a shorter bar (same length as a standard tongue bar) to minimise the risk of it growing out.

I thought I'd be leaving with a brand new, amazing looking piercing but I just left with a lot of thinking to do...I considered it for a couple of weeks. I REALLY wanted this piercing, but didn't want to be left with ripped skin and a scar if it grew out. But in the end, I wanted the bar in my neck so much, I decided to risk it.

My boyfriend (he was having his earlobe stretched) and I went back the day after I'd decided to have it. Dan pinched the skin on my neck and told me to be prepared for the bar growing out. He said he'd be surprised if it stayed in, but I'd already made up my mind.

He asked me to stand with my shoulders relaxed, my legs uncrossed, and my head facing straight ahead. Then he marked the skin and asked me to check and confirm the marks he'd made. He sprayed a little numbing liquid over the ink marks and I got a little jolt of panic at the thought of being paralysed (stupid, I know) and shouted " PLEASE DON'T PIERCE MY SPINE!". He basically told me to shut up and got to work...

I could feel what he was doing with his hands (holding a few loose strands of hair out of the way with clips, pinching the skin etc), but couldn't feel any pain. It was over in a few seconds, and I remember him saying "ah...like butter; your flesh takes a needle easily" which made me laugh nervously until he told me to "STAND STILL!".

The piercing cost me £35 and caused me very little pain. For a few days, I was scared to move my head at all in case it ripped my neck, or caused the bar to start migrating and growing out. Obviously, that didn't happen and it's clearly impossible to live a normal life without turning your head at all. Dan had told me not to put anything over it, as that would make the skin sweat and possibly cause infection but I hated the idea of it catching on my pillow when i slept, so i used two strips of surgical tape to hold a little bit of very loose gauze over the bar when I went to bed. I taped the top and bottom edges of the gauze to my skin, leaving the sides open so my skin could breathe. I also used saline to clean around the bar twice a day, and had no problems with infection or weeping. My neck muscles ached for a little over a week, but I'm pretty sure this was more to do with the tense way I was holding my head than the actual piercing. I left it about two months before I started wearing necklaces again. I didn't want to catch the bar with a necklace, but so far I haven't caught it on anything.

That was around a year and a half ago and I still have the piercing! It hasn't grown out, I've had lots of compliments about it (definitely not from my mum though...), and I couldn't love it more. I have twelve piercings and the nape is definitely my favourite.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Location: Bangor%2C+Northern+Ireland

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