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My cleavage is perfect.

Ok, so I am actually referring to my vertical sternum piercing, but I got your attention, didn't I?

My story starts right here on BME. I was browsing through the photos of the unusual piercings when I cam across the most beautiful picture of a girl with a vertical surface piercing. I knew that I had to have it. I began to read experiences, the encyclopedia, and the QOD. I wanted to get any and all information that was out there. The more I read, the more I wanted this piercing because it was rare, and it was difficult to keep. I was determined to get and keep this piercing.

I began to save my money. I knew that it was going to cost me a nice chunk, but it was going to be so worth it. I went into the premier piercing studio in Buffalo, NY, Cowpok Piercing. I started to talk to Keith, the main piercer. Well, I was just wasting my time because he doesn't even do surface piercing. He told me that Chris does them all, and that he was not available. I went back a week later to talk to Chris.

Chris began our conversation by quizzing me about surface piercings. He asked what techniques are available and what types of jewelry are typically used. I passed with flying colors. He informed me that he would be using a surface bar, and the punch and taper technique. This pleased me because I knew that there was a high success rate with this combo. We decided on a length, he measured me, and put in the jewelry order. This was the first weekend in November.

Finally, half way through February, I got the call that my jewelry was in, and I could not have been more excited. I was finally going to get my piercing.

I went in the same night I got the call. There were a few people in the shop when I got there, but they were finishing up. They left Chris and I alone. Chris took my info, and we were both surprised to find out that we were both from the Cincinnati area. It was comforting to have a hometown boy piercing me.

We went to the back room and decided on a placement. I wanted it to be easily hidden, but also easily shown. We put it in such a spot that only the top ball peaks out when I wear an appropriate shirt. It was going to be perfect. Chris marked me, I didn't think it was straight, and he marked me again.

I pulled down my tank top and hopped up on the table. It was almost time!

Chris pulled out the biopsy punch and explained how it would be used. He would use it to remove a small circle of flesh from the top and bottom of the piercing area. He put the punch to my skin, pressed, and twisted. It was surprisingly painless. Really. It was so cool to watch too. He just removed a chunk of flesh with out pain. I bled a little. More so from the top hole than the bottom, but it stopped quickly.

Next came the taper. This was actually much more difficult than I expected. Chris tried going in from the top hole first, but couldn't get it in. I became slightly worried. He tried to go in through the bottom and it finally worked. The separation of my skin was an odd feeling. It didn't hurt at all, but it was unlike any other sensation I have had. He slid my skin apart and slid the jewelry in. I was worried that putting the jewelry in would hurt just because of the shape of the surface bar, but it was easy and painless. I didn't even notice any difficulty.

I can't say the same for putting the ends on. Chris decided to use flat discs at first so that they would get bumped around less. Made sense to me. He had so much trouble getting the disks on though, and I had no choice but to laugh at him.

He cleaned up the blood, and I put my bra and shirt back on. It was over, and it had been so much smoother than I thought it was going to be. I was sad that it was over.

My boobs were sore for days. The piercing never hurt though. It was crusty for ever. I had to get the disks changed to balls shortly after getting it pierced to give it room. I was swollen for at least a week.

Sometimes I bump it, or don't wear a supportive enough sports bra, and then it gets mad at. It gets very gooey and crusty still, and it has been a full year. The bottom post sticks out to far, and I have to get a new bar. Other than that though, it is perfect.

If you have a large chest, like I do, I suggest wearing a supportive bra at all times. If you don't, it will not be happy. I suggest not letting a kitten step on it. I also suggest being really careful with towels, loofahs, and washing cloths. All of these things could cause adverse affects.

I love my piercing, and I love the questions people have asked me. If you are not shy, this piercing can be a whole lot of fun.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: Cowpok
Location: Buffalo%2C+NY

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