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A Story of Love and Loss

So about a year ago I decided to get a sternum surface piercing. I did all the research and felt I was well prepared to undertake this type of piercing. The piercer felt that tygon would be the best option, and I had read many positive things about that material. I decided that instead of the more standard up and down I wanted side to side, I liked the look of it better. The piercing went fine and although quite sore it looked lovely.

It was a long week ahead, as it was quite painful and it was not easy sleeping. Thankfully I got through the week without ripping it out (either on accident or out of sheer frustration). Outside of the pain, I loved my new addition. I got lots of comments on it, since it's not as common as some piercings. And I would make a point of wearing low cut tops to highlight it. All in all things were going great.

About 12 weeks in I got the tygon changed out for the first time and the piercer assured me everything was going great (I was positive it was rejecting, worrier that I am) I kept up with my sea salt and Satin soap, but nonetheless I ended up with two very small abscesses on either side of the piercing. I went back in and was told that was fine as long as it wasn't in the center and only stayed on the sides. Every time I cleaned I would very gently massage the abscess and try to get out all the collected lymph fluids. The abscess never went away, but they never got worse either. The only other major problem at this point is sometimes it's hard to find clothes that don't bother the piercing. As I've found with many a tanktop, they aren't low enough and so as they move get caught in the balls. Every few minutes I'm pulling it down to give enough clearance to avoid that.

A few more months down the road and it was time for tygon changing. I was assured again that everything looked fine; just keep up with the cleaning and massaging.

Its been awhile since my last tygon change and it's still red and irritated and just not looking very nice. I have been past the recommended 12 week change-out, but the last time I went to see my piercer she wasn't there and then I just forgot. I know I'm asking for trouble by not changing it out. A few more weeks with no change and I'm getting a bit tired of the whole ordeal. I went into another piercing shop to get some saline and asked about my piercing. This person tells me to try a surface bar. He measured my piercing and then puts in an order for a custom piece of jewelry. Since he doesn't use tygon I have to wait a few weeks before I can it changed to the metal.

A month goes by and still no jewelry. At this point I can't take it so I go in and get the tygon taken out and a surface bar (not custom but I was willing to try anything) put in. That night it is very swollen and sore and I have to lay flat on my back so I can sleep. I awake in the morning and only have one ball shining up at me; the other one buried itself underneath my skin. A few agonizing minutes later and I've pushed it back up thru the hole. I go in to the piercing shop and have the bar switched out to a longer one. I wake up the next morning and the ball had started to work itself back under my skin. More pushing it back into place. As I get up to do things I can barely move due to the tight and painful feeling.

I drove to another piercing shop and after talking to the piercer decide that its time to take out the surface bar. I am very sad, but I always knew there was a chance that this day would come.

For anyone looking to get a surface piercing, I would say go for it. It's one of the nicest looking piercings I've ever had and not as common as most. But I would warn you to take into account your anatomy and where you want it placed. I know that for next time I wouldn't get it placed side to side, the skin in that area is always moving and as we know it is damned near impossible to heal something when it's always being disrupted.

So it's au revoir to my surface piercing... I loved it and am sad to see it go but it was a very memorable experience and one I wouldn't hesitate to repeat in the future...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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