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10 surface piercings in one day- so much fun

For a long time, I had been thinking about adding to my piercings. I had 6g's in my lobes, I had one side of my lip done, and I had taken out a couple of other pieces. But I really wanted to do something a little unusual. I had met Shawn at the Queen Mary Tattoo Expo in Long Beach, and I was really impressed with the play piercing set he did with another model for the show. I had also been talking with a photographer that I work with regularly about doing some more unusual piercings for a series he was working on. We both agreed that Shawn was definitely someone we both wanted to work with, and set up an appointment to get some new stuff.

I woke up pretty early the day of, as I had to go do my last photo shoot with no piercings in the morning before we went out to Shawn's. Get out to the photographer's place, and shoot for a few hours, very acrobatic dancing set, which was a pretty intense work out, and I think vastly contributed to my pain level the next day. The photographer, who's a good friend of mine drove out to Oxnard with me to document the event, and to drive me home afterwards, and after being lost for a few minutes, we managed to find the shop. We went in, and chatted with Shawn for quite awhile regarding placement, the number of piercings, expected healing, and all that. We ended up deciding on 10 total piercings, two napes, one in the front of each side of my chest, and three down each side.

Shawn realized I hadn't eaten yet, so I went to go grab some food, then stood around and waited for a bit for everything to settle. After that, we went to the back room, and started working on placement on my body. It was very lovely, he was intensely careful to insure that everything was being placed symmetrically, and that it all fit well with my body.

We did my nape first, and that is the -weirdest- feeling ever. Not overly painful, it just felt like he was pinching the back of my neck really hard. The bottom one was a little more intense, because the skin was a little tougher there, but it was still just a really weird feeling, not overly painful. Then he did the two in the front of my chest, which were a tad ouchy, especially the left one. There was a strange euphoric moment where I realized that despite all the pain I was currently feeling, all I really wanted to do was lick the tattoo on his elbow, because it was in my face.

After he got the jewelry in to those two, I decided I needed a bit of a break before we started on my sides, so I very carefully levered myself off the table and limped my way out the door to smoke. I was definitely starting to feel the endorphins hit, so I think I was a little goofy around the edges.

Came back in, and got started on my right side. They all went pretty easy, relatively speaking. It's a really intense feeling to have a needle going through your side, but in a good way. The waist level one was definitely the worst though, for whatever reason. I kept making my friend take pictures of them and show them to me immediately, because it made me feel better. So very very cool to realize that I had four little silver balls sitting on my neck! At that point though, I was definitely in some pain, and feeling the high go away, but I only had three left to go, so we went for it.

Shawn did ask if I wanted to stop and take another break, but I just wanted them done. I was pretty leery of laying down on my right side so that he could do my left, but once I got settled, it was actually really comfortable, and the pain started to fade. The left side was the absolute worse, I kept tensing up when he started to put the needles through, and I was trying really hard not to get all twitchy. After the top side though, I started to zone out a little, and while I knew I was in pain, I really wasn't noticing it too much. I really noticed the last waist one though. There was that whole feeling of "Oh my god, that hurts, but it's the last one, but it hurts!!!" going through my head.

Once the last piece of jewelry was in, I laid there on the table for a few minutes to recover, then I had to see them all at once. So I got up and looked in the mirror, and wow. Just wow. They looked stunning, and I was so incredibly happy with them. The whole procedure had taken us awhile, so it was getting pretty late, and we still had a long drive back home. While I was pretty sore at that point, in combination with dancing for a few hours, and all the fresh metal, I was pretty euphoric from having all my pretty new piercings.

The next day, and the next few months, were very intense in terms of cleaning and aftercare, as well as pain levels. I don't think anyone realizes how much they use some of those muscles until they hurt, especially the sides. I also can't say that I would recommend anyone attempting that many pieces at one time, and to his credit, Shawn did warn me first. They healed pretty well, but it was an incredible amount of work to make that happen, and the work didn't go away in a month or so like it does with other piercings. It was a constant battle to take care of them, and to insure that I didn't damage them, especially with my very active lifestyle. Eight months later, and I've taken them all out except for my nape, not because they weren't healing well, but because I simply wasn't capable of the devotion necessary to continue the healing process. I'm entirely too hard on my body, and my piercings were all suffering for it. But while I had them, they were so very worth the trouble, and now I have 8 matching little scars on my chest and sides that look pretty cool in and of themselves.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shawn+O%27Hare
Studio: Pain+Parlor
Location: Oxnard%2C+California

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