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To surface or not to surface...

There was actually no question in my mind of whether or not I wanted a nape piercing. I hadn't planned, exactly, to do it on my 18th birthday, but it just sort of worked out that way.

I went into HTC because they are clean, and familiar (I have been in several times before to admire their large body jewelry collection) and because I knew where it was actually located. (I have problems with getting lost.)

Anywho, I knew I had the money, and I was going to call before going in, but I decided it would be worth the trip anyway just to look around, even if I couldn't get the piercing.

They have this deal where on your 18th they give you 3 free piercings so long as you buy the jewelry for it, so I said what the heck, and asked about surface piercings. They said, yup, it counts for all of them. Boy, was I excited. It was only after I got there that I found out they cater to broke 18 year olds too. If you can only afford the jewelry for one piercing, they still give you the aforementioned birthday discount.

So there I was, at the counter, the guy had just scanned my i.d. to confirm it actually was my birthday, and then I signed the appropriate paperwork. As I was checking in all the boxes, [18 and over? Check. Not under the influence? Check. Getting this piercing by will only? Definitely, Check.] Then, suddenly a problem a rose. Have you eaten in the last 4 hours?

My friend, who isn't of the highest intelligence didn't know why it was especially important that you eat within 4 hours of a piercing, so I launched into some lecture about white blood cells rushing to the site of the trauma and blood sugar dropping, it all sounded quite intellectual. I'm not going to lie though, I don't know what I was talking about. All I cared about was to hurry up and get that barbell in my neck.

So, Normally, I eat like a pregnant horse, however, I hadn't eaten all day. I suppose I forgot in the excitement of it being my birthday. So we had to drive down the street to this grungy little Wendy's that didn't even have napkins, or ketchup... obviously I was outraged.

After wolfing some nuggets and fries down, I went back to the shop where I was almost immediately escorted into a private room (which was strange to me because my previous piercings (tongue, industrial, eyebrow) have all been done with the door open. I like showing off that I can take the "pain" to any random passersby. This was strangely comforting though.

He marked my neck with whatever pen they use, let me look to confirm it was placed right, and then started gearing up. He explained proper aftercare procedures, and then told me that during the piercing I was going to take one very deep breath, in through my nose, and out through my mouth, and at no time should I tense up (never do) or stop breathing (trust me, didn't intend to). I found all this quite amusing, but of course, it's standard procedure.

With a pinch and some pressure, it was all done. I bled a tiny speck on one side, which I promptly cleaned when I got home and have been eyeing maliciously ever since.

It sits so pretty on my neck, I am definitely glad that I got it and would recommend it to anyone thinking about it. I was surprised at how almost completely painless it was. One person asked me if it hurt, and I explained it hurt no more than a needle going anywhere else would. Honestly though, if you can handle a lip ring than you can handle a nape piercing. I would be more nervous about re-doing my snakebites than I would be about going to get another nape piercing. They are gorgeous, quick, and relatively well-priced(depending on the studio, of course). It has internally threaded jewelry in it, in case anyone is curious. HTC refuses to use anything else for sanitary/safety purposes. They described externally threaded jewelry as comparable to the likes of running a small cheese grater through your piercing every time the jewelry is changed. I shall now be using internally threaded only for my new piercings as well.

They say surface peircings reject the easiest, especially napes, and I really hope mine doesn't. What with going in the service I really don't need any ugly scarring/bruising on my neck so I am going to be extra mindful of it, all the time and I always keep my hands off (especially since the work I do is filthy).

Make sure that if you do get this piercing you follow every single written instruction they give you, because the piercers know best. That's why they do what they do, and you don't.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Andy
Studio: HTC
Location: 28th+and+Cactus%2C+Phoenix%2C++Arizona

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