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My beautiful new nape

I have wanted my nape pierced for 3 years, I first discovered the piercing on BME when I was looking to get something new done, I had already got 2 cartilage piercing, navel, nose and a beautiful tattoo on my shoulder which I was still in love with even though it had been done for over a year. I couldn't work out whether to have another piercing or carry on with the tattoo project on my back that I was planning. I really wanted a blue moon on the opposite shoulder and three stars at the bottom of my spine but this would have to be done over time since cash wasn't freely available to me since moving in with my boyfriend.

I had bought the subject up when I lived at home with my parents, I started the usual way "what do you think about this piercing I want to get?", when I told my mother she was dead against it and really put her foot down, I tried to explain what it is like and that It was completely safe but she was putting her foot down and as I lived in their house I felt it only fair to respect the rules – even if it annoyed the hell out of me! She did however say the words that she would probably want to eat in a few years "when you have your own house you can do what you like" – a glimmer of hope at least.

I met my boyfriend and after 2 years of dating we knew we wanted to be together forever so we took the plunge and bought a house, seven months on and I was browsing BME again and I was still drawn to nape piercing, my boyfriend who know I wanted this piercing looked at the website with me, I was still in love with it so decided to do my research by looking at the pros and cons, reading experiences, rejection and migration and also watched You Tube videos of the piercing being done. I had made my mind up and rang the local studio to see whether they used surface bars or PTFE and how much lighter my wallet was going to be afterwards, they told me they used PTFE and it was going to cost £30 which I though very reasonable so I booked myself in for the end of the week. Friday lunchtime came round very quickly and after eating half a pack of sweets and half a bottle of Dr Pepper to keep my blood sugar levels up I arrived at the studio which was pretty quiet, I could hear the familiar sound of the tattoo gun and went up to the desk, John the piercer was on the reception so I explained what I wanted done, he said he could do me straight away which I agreed to, he explained that he would be about 15 minutes to set everything up so I took a seat. This gave me time to check out the jewellery in the display units and flick through the tattoo books.

John popped his head round the corner and said he was ready when I was so I went into the room and sat myself on the table while he did the prep work, he asked me to stand up straight and to look ahead which I did, he marked out my neck and gave me a mirror to check the placement which was perfect. I lay on the table again and he cleaned my neck, we chatted about aftercare and piercings. I was asked to take my necklace off and he began, I felt the clamps tighten and was asked to breathe in – I felt the needle enter my skin and it slowly went through and out the other side, he then put the jewellery in and attached the balls on the end. It was less painful than I imagined but still wasn't exactly pain free although once the jewellery was in I couldn't feel a thing, John handed me the mirror again and I had a good look – perfect, I loved it already. I made my way to the front of the shop and paid, he gave me some aftercare soap and advised me to clean it 3 x daily. I went back to work, I was going to wait and see if people noticed but I was such a high I had to tell everyone. Their reactions ranged from curious to horror but I was so pleased and on an amazing high I didn't mind and Im quite aware that I wore a huge silly grin on my face for the rest of the day.

I got home and gave it a good clean in the shower, sleeping that night was done with care, I laid on my front and made sure the duvet didn't rub my new baby, in the morning I was on my back but no pain, the entry holes were a little red but I had a really hot bath and gave it a good long soak with the soap and patted it dry with soft tissues. I have since made up salt soaks and combine this with my daily cleaning, I have made up my own cleaning kit which accompanies me to work each day so I can make ure I am doing all I can to keep really really clean. It has been 5 days on now and although the holes are a little red still I am continuing with my rigorous cleaning routine and my fingers are crossed that it doesn't reject. There is no pain and minimal crusties so hopefully I will be able to hold onto this one.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Living+Colour
Location: Dereham%2C+Norfolk%2C+UK

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