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Madison Microdermal

To start with, I should probably give a bit of background to this. I used to work on the checkouts at a supermarket, around the time when I first became interesting in piercings and other body modifications. One day while I was working a girl came in with a Madison piercing, and I immediately fell in love with it. Being the nosy person I am I started chatting to her about it, and that night looked it up on BME for some more info. To my supreme disappointment I discovered it had an unbelievably low success rate, and I REALLY didn't want a scar there, so I tried to put it out of my mind.

Skip forward in time a few months, to when I read an article about Dermal Anchoring. I immediately thought back to the Madison, and how this would be a perfect alternative. That being said, I wanted to wait and see how other people went on a longer-term basis, and see what developments would be made over time. I kept watch on BME and the Australian Piercing Forum and as more and more people had success with these mods in places that piercings were more likely to grow out I began to desperately want one myself.

I live in Canberra, which despite being the capital city of Australia still manages to be a small, relatively conservative town, and no-one here does the microdermal procedure. Even if they did I doubt I would trust them, as I know they would only be experimenting with it. Because of this I figured I would have to travel interstate for it, which would make for a damn expensive microdermal.

Then a few weeks ago I read on the Pierced Forum that some of the guys from HACK suspensions in Newcastle were coming to Canberra for a weekend, one of them being Jake (iam:silicun) who was one of the two piercers I had been considering travelling to see for my microdermal. Obviously this wasn't an opportunity I could pass up, so I contacted Jake and we organised to do it on Saturday afternoon.

Skipping forward again to Saturday, I headed into the city where Jake was guest piercing at Freestyle Tattoo for the day. After 2 hours or so of timing screw-ups (which were nobody's fault) I eventually ended up in the room with Jake explaining everything to me.

He went over absolutely everything, and then proceeded to have me move my head and neck around so he could line up his marks and make sure everything was perfect. When he was satisfied he had me look in the mirror to make sure I liked it – which I did – and then we were ready to go. I had the choice of whether to sit or lay down. I chose to lie down, so I could make sure I stayed still.

Jake spent a few minutes rubbing the skin in the area to separate the fibres between the layers of tissue. Looking back I think this was more painful than the rest, simply because it lasted longer! He then cleaned the skin, and got ready to start. I was told that he could use either a dermal punch or a needle, and that it was my choice, but I went with the punch because that is Jake's personal preference and I have no reason to question that. He obviously knows his shit!

As far as the actual procedure goes, it was slightly more painful than a standard piercing, but to be honest I think that was more psychological. Normally I stress before a piercing, and that adrenalin makes me feel the pain less. Jake made me so comfortable I was hardly stressing at all, so I didn't have that rush beforehand. Also, the pain of the punch was different to a needle. I could feel more specific pain, as though I could feel exactly what was happening, whereas with a needle piercing I just feel a general pain in the area. Those two things I think combined to make me feel as though it hurt more, when in reality I don't think the pain levels were particularly different.

It has been two days and so far there has been no pain at all from the actual wound. I've had Hell from the skin around it, because at the time I totally forgot that I am allergic to paper-tape, so now the surrounding skin is red and blistered where the tape was. I've since started using Transpore Surgical Tape, which I know from experience I am not allergic to, but it's still painful over the open blisters.

Ah well, it's worth it! I am totally in love with this thing, and will be watching Jake's page like a hawk to make sure I can get more next time he comes to Canberra!


submitted by: neejchee
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jake+%28guest+piercer%29
Studio: Freestyle+Tattoo
Location: Canberra%2C+Australian+Capital+Territory

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Thursday, September 5, 2013 @4:31 a.m.
Hi! I am interested in getting a microdermal like yours and wondered how it is/has been over the years? Cheers xx

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