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My self-done handweb - A dumb idea

I know that this was a very dumb thing to try, and I feel completely stupid for doing it, but I thought this story could be of some use to somebody else out there.

I have never been able to physically injure myself, so trying to do a piercing myself was never a god idea. I had also been drinking, which is an extremely BAD idea.

Well, here's the story anyway:

I had wanted a hand-web piercing for ages, but I could never find anywhere willing to do it, or that had a confident piercer, so I waited and waited. One day I called Off Ya Tree in Ringwood to discuss it, and the piercer was very helpful, but unfortunately the piercing was very expensive, considering it is only temporary, and with my record of rejecting jewellery, I decided it wasn't worth it.

Then one night I was sleeping at my best friend's place and I was regretting my choice to not get it done, but instead of waiting for a professional, I decided I would do it myself. As I've already said, this was a really dumb idea. I got a sewing needle and pushed it part of the way through my hand web, but then freaked out by how dense the tissue felt. Every so often I would try again, but it just didn't feel right. I ended up falling to sleep for a couple of hours with the needle still halfway in. It slipped out a bit too, so I lost a bit of ground, and had to re-pierce a bit of it anyway. I also went in the wrong direction, so I ended up having two exit holes. Urgh. When I finally got it through, I realised that I had been really dumb to assume that a sewing needle would be the right gauge for any body jewellery. I ended up having to get a little golden safety pin from a swimming ribbon my friend's brother had won at school. That fit in, but I almost created a third exit hole.

It didn't really hurt all that much afterwards, but it had this sick, throbbing feeling to it. The entry and exit holes had bruising [I think] around them, but I was scared it was actually turning black from an infection or something.

I told another one of my friends, and she looked at me like I was from another planet, and told me I should talk to someone about it, like a doctor, but I was too ashamed to go to a doctor, and I knew I'd get a big lecture. She agreed to come with me when I went in to Off Ya Tree, and I was really embarrassed to talk to a professional piercer about doing such a retarded thing, but the piercer was really nice and told me that I would probably lose the piercing within days, because it hadn't been done properly, so my body would try really hard to fix it, and therefore heal the safety pin right out

I felt so stupid, and it all felt so pointless. I couldn't bear to take it out after going through hours of trying to work up the courage to do it, but I knew I had to, and it felt like it was getting infected. In the end the guy I'm seeing took it out for me because I was freaking out about it hurting to remove.

There was pus, so I'm glad I didn't wait any longer, I would have had to tell my mum and she would have lectured me, and then I would have had to go to the doctor. It would have been much easier to avoid this whole thing though, and get it done by a professional.

I still laugh about it with some of my friends because I know how stupid it was, but I now also get a bit worried when my friends say they want to pierce something themselves, because I know they don't mean they'll order proper equipment and do it properly, and without the right needles and stuff, it's just a really bad idea. Things should really be sterile and sober before a piercing happens.

I really admire people who order the proper things and have the nerve to be able to pierce themselves, it's so hard to have the self-control to wait for a piercing to do it properly, and so hard to ignore the pain when you're doing it...

Since this, I have had my tongue pierced and my nose done twice, and I have been to properly qualified piercers both times, and been obsessive about hygiene afterwards. At least I learned form this dumb idea, and I hope someone else can learn from my mistake too...

My new rule is: If you can't stand the pain, you don't want the piercing enough. If you can't stand the cost, you don't want it enough. If you can't wait, it's not worth waiting for.


submitted by: bloooooop
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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