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My First Microdermal

So after seeing the article on BME on microdermals I loved the idea and I had to have one. So I called Infinite to see if they were doing the procedure. They said they were not offering it to the general public but to stop in to talk to the piercer, it turns out that I have been pierced there five times and I am pretty familier with almost all the staff. So when I came in we set up an appointment and that was that.

Fast forward one week and the night before I get it done I decide to go up to my sisters apartment to hang out for a "while". After a "while" of hanging out I decide to spend the night, they live a few blocks away from the studio so that worked out nice. The next day I stopped in and made an appearence at Infinite. Kevin walked me through the procedure then sent me out so I could get breakfast. After eating I was prepared to get pierced.

In my mind getting pierced is a fun experience. I enjoy it a lot and have even been thinking about play piercing. If it hurts so what, its going to hurt for all of a second while the needle is going in. And most of the time it doesn't hurt. The most painful piercing I got was my labret, which is now retired due to gum irritation.

So when I got my first piercing I was bored and I told myself, why not? A friend had told me about Infinite so I took the train into the city and after I got off I walked to the shop. I actually had got my left ear pierced with a gun which in my mind doesn't really count. But back to the story I walked into the shop and was greeted by one of the front desk people. By the way Infinite Body Piercing rocks, all the staff are very nice and will cater to all your piercing and stretching needs. The first thing I thought when I walked in was how clean it was. So I checked out all the jewelry they have, which by the way is the best selection I have ever seen. So after checking out all the jewelry I walked up to the front desk and told them that I wanted my eyebrow pierced the front desk person was like alright I need to your I.D. so i showed them. They then got me to sign this form saying that I know the dangers of piercing and that they are not responsible if this or that happens so I signed everything and they took me back. My piercer was Clay Wanstrath, awesome guy really nice and funny same with everyone else that works there. He was talking to me and got me very relaxed before the piercing which put my mind at ease. This was my first real piercing so I really didn;t know what to expect. It wasn't bad at all just like I say later in the article.

Anyway back to the story, so I came back in and we went into his room. We talked about it and I said that I wanted some type of design. So he broke out the sharpie and started giving me some ideas. The design that I likes the best is where the microdermals make a spiral right around my nipple, then go under my nippple then stop. Then theres another curved line in top of my nipple. If you saw the picture you would think it rocks, all together I think he said there would be 15 microdermals once the desin was finished. So me and Kevin talked about it and I decided that I would get just one to see how it heals and if my body would take it. I had my eyebrow done and it rejected in 3 months.

So he marked the spot where it would go. He had me take my shirt off and lay down. He began preparing for the piercing. He took out the microdermal out of the bag that sterilizes thing, also in the bag was a 10 gauge needle and a pair of hemostats. He rigged up the hemostats with a rubber band and put the microdermal in the grips so it would hold the jewelry. He put the needle to my chest and told me to take a deep breathe in, and while I exhaled he put the needle in. It didn't hurt, it was like any other piercing just like I had expected. He then took the needle out and slid the foot of the microdermal in, then he said I would be feeling some pressure as he popped in the heel of the microdermal. He was right there was some pressure but not to bad. And it was all done in less than 15 seconds. He told me the aftercare which I am familier with. It was not traumatic in any way. So I walked out with my new piercing.

A week later there was some minor bruising where the needle went in. At first it was a little tender around the area but now I don't even notice its there.

In closing I would reccomend this procedure to people who don't take surface piercings well and people looking for new experiences.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kevin+Jump
Studio: Infinite+Body+Piercing
Location: Philadelphia

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