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Madison Oh Madison how you affect me.

When I was in High school I always admired piercing. I was so generic with my taste back then and was into piercings like eyebrows, and earrings; just simple piercings. In grade 10 my best friend at the time had a Madison, and I thought it was the coolest thing. However I didn't want to get it done, because I didn't want to steal it from her. She told me I could, but I didn't. My parents thought I was crazy for wanting piercing, I suppose it's not there generation, but it's ours. Nowadays piercings are really mainstream, and I feel that anything goes when it comes to your own body. Nonetheless my parents felt that my body was still technically there's. I wasn't really allowed to be pierced, I had snakebites and my tongue but those were HUGE exceptions to my parents.

So as time went by she was forced to take it out because she was going into a theatre program, and you can't stand out or else the characters you play would all resemble your own personality. When I found out I said immediately "Do you care if I get it done!?" The Madison was all mine for the taking, and I was so psyched. I think I waited roughly around 2 days before hopping on the metro and traveling to the piercing studio. The studios name is Slick Styled Steel in Montreal on St-Laurent Street. When I arrived the piercer named Sarah helped me out, and she said she was putting a metal bar through, but my friend had had a plastic one. I wasn't psyched for the metal bar, but I figured she knew best so I took her word for it. She was really excited to do the piercing because she had never done it in that spot before, and she was exhausted of doing Belly-button rings.

She guides me to the piercing room, and we start with marking where it's going to go. This process took an eternity, as it falls right between my collar bones my neck movements had to be taken into consideration. She made me lean my neck in every way possible, in the oddest angles possible. So we decided on right in-between my two collar bones, at the lowest possible point. So she started getting everything ready, and I lay down. She unwrapped a new sterilized needle, clamped my throat, and counted to 1...2 OW! (They always say on the count of 3, but they always do it on the count of 2). So contrary to popular belief it really wasn't that painful. She took a Picture of it, and added it to her portfolio which made me feel special. Paid and TIPPED, and was off on my way.

I had been doing the compressions, even more than the minimum because I wanted it to be a happy piercing. After bout 2 weeks I saw no improvement, and I went back and had a plastic bar put through. I thought it felt a little more comfortable, and in the winter it didn't freeze when I was outside like the metal bar. It only lasted three months, and it got really disgusting because I refused to take it out. A scab had formed in the middle of the two balls, so I picked it. Bad idea; I could see the middle of the bar through my skin, It looked like my skin had decayed. When they took it out I had this huge gash, and it looked like someone stabbed me (Now I have practically an invisible scar, but never let yourself keep in a piercing if it's not working). The trick to getting rid of scars is by putting a lot of Vitamin E on it before you sleep, every night. So because I enjoyed it so much I had it redone only higher up, and it seemed to be a better place for it as it lasted longer.

People before you get a surface piercing know that your body probably won't take it. Which I knew before I had it done, because I am pretty skinny so it's not much skin to work with. I really didn't care how long I had it though, as long as I did have it. That is the reason I got it done again. I'm really happy I had them done and even plan on having it done a few more times...ha ha, I think my parents were right I am crazy.

Having your throat pierced turns a lot of heads, and raises a lot of questions in strangers, I suppose its odd yes indeed to have a bar shoved through your neck. Only to each there own, and It shouldn't make you sway your decisions in getting body modifications.

I think my parents were about the last people to even realize I had had it done. I didn't overtly try to suppress showing it in their presence; so it just goes to show that it can be a head-turner, but it can also be low-key. Overall I found that young people found it very interesting and unusual, and adults highly used stereotypes to try to understand the meaning of a Madison. I found adults interpreted me as a bad influence on their children; however it's down to the person to prove that unusual things can be viewed as normality's also.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Slick+Styled+Steel
Location: Montreal%2C+Guy+street

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