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Just an excuse to look at my boobs?

I expect many of you know what I'm talking about when I say I got the piercing bug, the 'itch', the craving, the desire. Whatever you care to call it I had it and was searching BME for something I could have pierced, to satisfy myself. I've seen pictures of the sternum piercing before and always thought how nice it looked and how it was something that just wasn't for me. It was for 'hardcore' modifiers, outgoing people; confident people. But I saw it, and maybe myself in a new light and after seeking the opinion of a few friends decided I NEEDED it. The next day I left college at lunchtime and got the bus to Brighton. I spent the whole bus journey deciding whether to go through with it. It had seemed like a great idea the night before, but in the cold light of day it didn't seem so realistic.

I met a good friend I hadn't seen in a while and we got something to eat before going to punktured, I enquired about when they shut that night and details about the piercing asking questions I already knew the answer to due to my research but trying to put myself at ease. We left the shop and went for a wander and I weighed up the pros and cons. The only con I managed to find was my mums reaction but I was certain she wouldn't kick me out of the house or make me remove it so after much deliberation I eventually decided to go through with it.

We went back to the shop and I announced I was going to do it. I filled out the form and paid the £25 then spent the next 10 minutes deciding how long to have the 1.6mm titanium staple and eventually settled on 16mm, they ran me through the aftercare and I headed nervously into the piercing room leaving my friend who is scared of needles and rather anti piercings outside chatting to the other piercer.

The piercer 'J' put me instantly at ease with her friendly chatter and I watched as she removed the jewellery from the autoclave and got set up washing her hands several times in the process. She cleaned my chest and we discussed placement and spent a long time drawing little black dots on me until we both agreed it was perfect.

After washing her hands again and changing her gloves I was laid down in the dentist chair. She pinched my skin up explaining she would do it freehand and how it would hurt a bit when the needle went in and out but the bit in the middle I would hardly feel. She told me to take a deep breath in and the let it out slowly so I did. It suddenly dawned on me she was holding the needle and was ready to pierce. I took a deep breath and gripped the chair. I felt the needle go in, a sharp pain followed by an odd feeling of the needle moving through my skin. She told me to take another breath and let it out so I did and I felt the needle come back out with the same sharp pain. I looked down, saw the little plastic tube in my skin and smiled to myself. I was halfway there. Now for the jewellery, a slight feeling of dread washed over me. The staple had right angle bends at each end, one of which would have to go through the piercing. She told me to take another deep breath and I did. The sharp pain returned but was over faster and dulled sooner better than I had been anticipating. She screwed the ball on and sat me up. I was feeling a little light-headed (I had the same after my navel) so she made me sit there for 5 minutes and gave me a lollipop. When I was feeling normal again we left the room and I squealed at my friend to come look. "Its just an excuse for me to stare at your boobs!" he told me. The thought that it instantly drew attention to my rather small cleavage hadn't crossed my mind until that point and I laughed.

I thanked J and left the shop with a huge smile on my face and couldn't help constantly looking down at my chest.

As soon as I got home I owned up to my mum. I had decided to get it over and done with and be honest. She wasn't too pleased but didn't yell or scream at me so I got off lightly.

Its now 2 days later and there is no redness (there was very little to begin with) and although its slightly sore when I move in certain ways I was expecting far worse. I've been using the LITHA (leave it the hell alone) aftercare routine and have so far managed to leave it alone quite well although I might give it a salt water soak tonight just to help it out. Sleeping was better than I had expected and I managed to sleep comfortably on my side.

I am so pleased with this piercing and have been wearing low cut tops since I got it. Its got a lot of attention at college and I'm yet to tire of telling people that yes it did hurt a bit and that its ok I don't mind them looking I know they aren't just staring at my breasts.

I defiantly recommend Punktured. It's a lovely modern shop with such friendly staff with lots of experience.

Nearly 2 weeks on the piercing is brilliant, I've been able to sleep on it fine and although running is slightly uncomfortable I'm sure that'll go. It gets a bit irritated if I fiddle with it (simple solution – I shouldn't fiddle!) but no redness and just a few crusties.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Studio: Punktured%2C
Location: Brighton%2C+England

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