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Surface piercings make me happy

Since coming back to iam and looking around at people's pages I decided that I needed to get something new. I had settled on a tongue web, but working in a call centre I figured that spending hours and hours talking with a fresh piercing probably wasn't the best idea.

I'd had a surface piercing over my sternum a while ago which I didn't have the best experience with. It was pierced with Teflon, off-centre and ended up with keloids and the beginnings of rejection just before I gave up and took it out. This was probably as much my fault as the piercers, as I didn't really take care of it all that much and didn't insist on the placing that I wanted. It was pierced by a (no-longer) friend and I didn't want to tell him how to do his job.

I was still interested in surface piercings, however, and settled on getting two just under my clavicles. Except this time I would make sure they were done with surface bars, I would approve the placing completely and I'd baby them like nothing else.

I spoke to iam:dani_doo, he assured me we'd do them with bars, told me how much they would be and I was set. I told him when I'd be in and scoured BME for experiences and pictures for the week following.

Pay-day arrived and I stocked up on skittles and coke, dragged my boyfriend and friend iam:phil along and made my way down to Primitive.

Now, I usually handle piercings/tattoos by psyching myself up to believe it is going to be the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. I tell myself it's going to be horrible, that I'm going to get halfway through and want to die, just basically make it out to be the worst experience I'll have to date. After all that, when it actually happens it's so far from what I've told myself it will be I can just breathe through it and I'm fine. This has worked for everything except my flesh pull, which was the last 'piercing' I'd had, and actually did turn out to be the worst pain I'd felt in my life. This pretty much shot my theory and I was petrified.

I kissed Davey goodbye (he's not down with watching me in pain, amazingly.) and Phil, Dani and I went upstairs to the piercing room. We messed around for a bit, chatting and hanging out, then Dani marked me up. We tried a couple of different placings, I jiggled around a bit to make sure it was in a place where it wouldn't move too much, before finally deciding where they would go. It's certainly a strange experience, asking two dudes to look at your chest for an extended amount of time, but hey, we're all friends here.

I made iam:xkristax hold my hand, and Dani got to work. At this point I was mildly freaking out and starting to regret inviting Phil to take photos for me, but there was no backing out.

A few very deep breaths and a lovely "pop" sensation later, and one was in. Amazingly enough, it was absolutely nowhere near as painful as I'd made it out to be. My theory returns in all it's glory! Hooray! I stood up to admire it, took a couple of swigs of coke and lay back down for the next one. Krista had gone to tend to some customers, so Phil stepped in as my hand-hold.

As always goes with multiple piercings in one session, the second one was a bit worse. But again, it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. Some more deep breathing, another pop and I was done.

I am so impressed with Dani as a piercer. He was gentle, professional (except for the farting, but hey, what are you gonna do?) and a generally amazing dude. Being pierced/tattooed by friends has become normal for me, as living in Perth you tend to know pretty much everyone anyway, but this was an experience above and beyond anything else. This experience, Along with getting tattooed by iam:xponchox, has made Primitive become the place I would recommend to anyone, not just because I know the people who work there, but because they really know their stuff.

A few days later, I've had very little trouble with them. I'm doing saline washes twice a day and I can sleep on my front, which is awesome. The only real pain I've had is when I take off my bra (because of the increased movement and pressure on the skin), so I've combatted that by just wearing one as much as possible, including to sleep - This has also meant no bruising! Hooray! I'm really happy with them, and I hope to keep them for a long time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dani%5Fdoo
Studio: Primitive
Location: Perth%2C+Western+Australia

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