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"If you ever come home looking like that, I'll kill you" [hip surface bar piercings]

First off, I guess I should give a rough background to my piercings. I am 16 years old and currently have 19 piercings. I got my first proper mod [aside from lobes] when I was 14, my navel, which grew out and which I got repierced at 15. I also have 5 lobe piercings in each ear [first hole in left ear stretched to 10mm, first in right to 12mm], a high snug piercing, my nostril, my tongue, snakebites, my nipple [self done using an autoclaved cannula needle] and now, two hip surface staple bar piercings which I love to bits.

I can't remember how I became attached to wanting a surface piercing. I think it may have been by flicking through the pictures on BME. I think the aesthetic of them is amazing. I knew it wasn't going to be just a fleeting attraction to this particular piercing, but just in case I followed a good piece of advice - "Wait six months and if you still want the piercing, go for it", which is the advice I recommend that everyone would take. It really upsets me when people get mods just as a trend and because everyone else has them.

Anyway, me and my friends set the date for 22nd December '06, a Friday in the school holidays where I could give my piercings a couple of weeks to vaguely heal and settle down before I became busy with school & preparing for my GCSEs. I had been looking for a while for a place with the experience to perform surface piercings with proper surface bars. I found a place called Punktured in Brighton - quite out of the way for me, seeing as I live near Dartford in Kent, but worth travelling for. My friend went there to get her nostril done as her mum lives about 20 minutes away, and confirmed that it was very sterile [jewellery shown coming out of autoclaves, needles opened in front of you etc] and the people were amazingly friendly. She originally planned to get her nape done with me, but couldn't find any photo ID.

So off we went to Brighton on the 22nd. I felt like absolute crap - I got half an hour sleep the night before as I got totally hammered when I went out with my boyfriend & his mates & we had nowhere to stay so pulled an all nighter. I got in at about half past seven and managed to grab that half hour sleep before going straight out again, suffering from the worst hangover I've ever experienced in my life. I really wasn't in the condition to get pierced, but I refused to let anything deter me. I met up with my friends at London Bridge and off we went to Brighton. Had a bit of a hard time trying to find Punktured, but discovered it in the end. I asked if they could fit me in for some hip surface piercings and they said yep, if I came back in an hour. This was great, as it gave us time to get some cigarettes and grab some Burger King. I paid £5 deposit, and we went to go get something to eat. So we came back in an hour, I filled out a form and showed the woman at the counter with amazing piercings & bright red dreadlocks my ID.

I was introduced to Tom, who was going to be my piercer, and showed a selection of sizes of surface staples. I originally chose 24mm, but after about 15 minutes of Tom searching I was told I couldn't have them as he only had one left in a sterilized package. So I was told to choose between a small 20mm or a big 34mm. After comparing both, and going against the advice of my friends, I chose the 34mm bars. So in I went to the piercing room and was told to sit down on the little chair, while Tom cleaned my hips and stomach. Tom is such a lovely bloke, he honestly made my experience so much better than it may have originally been. He kept asking me if I was nervous, and got all happy when I told him "No, just really, really excited." He asked me to stand up while he felt if there was any veins in my hips, and when he discovered there wasn't he then marked me up. He drew the centre line and then marked and remarked the dots where he would pierce me using rulers etc. to make sure everything was even. He made me check a thousand times to make sure it was perfect. As he said, "I'd rather have to mark it a thousand times than leave you unhappy with your piercings." He then made me sit back down on my chair so he could pierce me. I asked if he used clamps and he said he didn't, he preferred to do all surface piercings freehand so he could tell how deep he was going, which was fine by me. From my experience with piercings anyway the clamp always hurts so much more than the actual piercing. Tom then asked me to lie back, and then opened the needles from the sterile packet in front of me. He asked me to take a deep breath in, then he pierced me as I breathed out. Then he asked me to breathe in and out again so he could pop the needle back out. He left the cannula in my hip as he pierced the other side using the same method. To be honest, I only felt the slightest pinch as the needles popped out of my skin. Tom told me that he was piercing slightly below where I could feel pain so it shouldn't hurt too much. He then put the surface bars through my skin. When he was done, I took a look in the full length mirror. They were absolutely perfect, and so even. He asked me if he could take pictures for his portfolio and I agreed, so off he went to get his camera.

When he came back & took the photos, I rummaged around in my pockets for some change to give him a tip. It wasn't much, only about £3 and some few coins but it was all I had. Tom really appreciated this and was like "Oh my God! No one ever tips piercers! Thank you so much!" I kept apologising for not having much more, but he said it was okay, it was the sentiment that counts. He then went to shake my hand, but I forced him into a hug instead!

It's only a few days later and my hips are healing perfectly. Only slight redness and slight crusties. I've been doing religious salt soaks on them and they're healing fine, barely any pain at all, apart from when I snag them on my jeans or if someone decides it'll be hilarious to poke me there. Then it hurts like a bitch. If anyone wants a surface piercing I'd totally recommend Punktured for the cleanliness and the high standard of professionalism.

It's unbelievable how much I adore my new piercings. The reactions I've got from some people are hilarious. My mum just went "YUK. NO. MORE. PIERCINGS. PLEASE!" My boyfriend's mum was morbidly fascinated by them, and I heard some of my boyfriend's family members when I went round there on Boxing Day go to their children "If you ever come home looking like that, I will kill you," which made me laugh out loud. I have a feeling that this definitely isn't going to be my last surface piercing, there's obviously going to be so many more to come.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tom
Studio: Punktured
Location: Brighton%2C+UK.

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