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An awesome nape piercing

I had been craving a new piercing and I really wanted a surface, so after some thought I chose for my second piecing to do my nape (the back of my neck). I had my tongue done already and my tattoos were still in the drawling phase by my tattoo artist. So I decided it was time for my first surface! I knew my piercing artist is very good and he had done several and actually has his done too. I talked to him about it before and he knew I was interested so he was pretty excited when I told him I really wanted it done.

James, my artist, sized up my neck one day when I was down at the shop and then made an appointment for the next week so he could get everything he needed ready. I can't stress enough that it's important to get a measurement of your neck size before hand. You should have it done first thing for any surface piercing, because no person has the same body shape and the bar really isn't a standard one size fits all bar like most people think.

Also a tip of advice please make sure they use a true surface bar and not just a straight bar bell bent it is far less likely to reject, heals quicker, and doesn't create so many complications. I am lucky I have an experienced artist who knows the proper way to do piercing, what jewelry to use, and the many risks that come along with them. He explains them to everyone, before he even has you fill out and sign the paper work, and he is not afraid to turn people away if he doesn't think he is able to do it or doesn't think the person can take care of it.

On the day of my piercing I had to work and I was so excited that I even left work 10 minutes early so I could race down to the shop and be early and watch him set up! He had everything autoclaved and pretty much set up when I got there. He changed his gloves at least 4 times while doing the final prep work. When everything was set up he re-measured, cleaned my neck, marked my neck and then he clamped it. He told me to slowly deep breathe in and slowly breathe out. Then he started slowly and carefully pushing the needle through. I was sure it was going to hurt, because I heard it did. I was lucky though and it didn't hurt at all! He said it hurt like hell when he got his done, but I have a really high pain tolerance, because my other piercing didn't hurt either like people said they would. The last push hurt the worse and that didn't even really hurt, it felt like someone pinching me hard and that was it. He told me he was done pushing the needle through and he just had to cork it and thread the surgical steel surface bar through. I got up when he said he was done and took the small mirror to the big mirror to look behind me and looked at my newest piercing! I was so happy! It looked amazing. The bar was perfect size and not to much extra just enough to accommodate any swelling it may have. I knew by research that it was done well and the chances of it rejecting were minimal because he did such a great job piercing it and it was just up to me now to take good care of it.

It has been three days and still looks amazing. I have had normal redness but I have had NO swelling. It hasn't been very sore either. I clean it once a day lightly with anti bacterial soap in the shower and then at night I do cotton ball soak with warm water and dissolved sea salt, I normally do about 4 cotton balls and then dry it off lightly with another. I have it checked out daily by a paramedic who is a friend and also a friend who is a nurse and they both say its coming along great and looks fine and healthy!

The only problem I have come across is small and that is trying not to get my hair caught in it at times because my hair is so long. I can't wear it up during the day because of where I work and I need to keep my new nape piercing hidden as best as possible but most of my co-workers know I have it anyway. I do have one other problem and that is I get asked to show it to people all the time, but that isn't a BAD problem!

I am so happy I got it done and everyone I show gets an awesome look on their face. Some people think its disgusting others think its ace! I love it though and that's what counts. I hope it keeps healing this well so I can have it for many years to come.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: James
Studio: Jones+Custom
Location: Athens%2C+PA

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