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Abdominal Surface Art

I had had my tattoo (symbol for infinity) for a few months now, and had always wanted a surface piercing; they look unusual and really sexy.

Tuesday 9th Jan. '07 - I visited Tattoo UK to get some tapers to stretch my lobes up a little, and found myself looking at the price list for piercings. I asked whether I could get one done through/under the infinity symbol on my abdomen, and I was told I could! If I was to have it done, the jewellery would be PTFE which pleased me as I tend to be a sensitive soul to metal, and knowing that this piercing would be awkward to heal at the best of times thought PTFE would be a better option all round. Terry came and spoke to me about it, and asked me where I wanted it placed, and said it would be no problem, although there is a high chance it will reject at some point in time. He left me to think about it for a while, and go and have a cigarette. I came back inside and decided that yes, it was today I was going to get it done: now or never.

I followed him through to the exceptionally clean and sterile looking

piercing room, and swung up on the leather couch/bed. Sam, the guy who did my tattoo wanted to watch, but Terry refused, he must have sensed that I was a wee bit nervous! He marked where I said I wanted the balls on the bar to be, and I had a peek - they were perfect. The bar of PTFE that he cut for it was 40mm, which is 2 inches I think, nearabouts. The PTFE was threaded and a ball put on one end, then he was ready to get the big ol' scary needle out! He showed me that all the equipment was sterile and was in unopened packaging, I said yes, and he laid them out on a tray to my right, beside my head.

Clamping the skin was a bit of a problem, I wouldn't have thought it would have been an issue; I have enough love chub to pinch quite readily! Terry massaged the abdominal skin he was going to clamp,

and when he had the right amount, secured the clamps. The normal sting of the needle was there, and then a pushing sensation, but no pain, not like when I had my nipple done. This odd feeling seemed to go on for ages, and I was talking to Alan another tattooist about my job when the needle popped through! The jewellery insertion was painless also, and the only bit I actually felt, was the cannula being pulled off of the end. My beautiful surface piercing was done! Terry admired his work, and Sam come in to have a look also, and ask how it was, and how it was done etc.

Terry asked if it was ok if he took some pictures for his own portfolio and for the studios website/myspace. I said it was fine, and off he merrily snapped! He put a modified plaster on me, and gave me a sweetie for being such a good girl, and I nipped across the road to get some money out (£40). When I came back I was offered a glass of orange juice, and had the aftercare explained to me etc, and was asked to go in a week later so he could have a look at it and make sure everything was going ok!

Healing -

The day afterwards, it was a bit bloody and sore. I didn't know how to sleep that wouldn't aggravate it. Usually I fidget a lot, so this piercing has taught me the art of going to sleep in one position, and waking in the exact same one! It looks beautiful.

The next couple of days afterwards, in the morning there was dried blood on either of the balls, and a little pain, but nothing to really complain about. On roughly the third day, a bruise started to appear, which has since erupted into a nice black/purple/green burst of colour because of the clamps. It is slowly going though.

It is now 6 days after getting pierced, and the bruising is slowly fading. I went back to Terry today, and he said it is doing beautifully :-)

I do not know what to expect with it, so am being ultra vigilant - I am pampering this piercing so much, it is very fragile! I cannot wear jeans normally anymore, which is annoying, but it is just until it heals properly, thankfully "summer" is coming so maybe I wont be in jeans for long anyway.

It is a beautiful piercing, if you want one, go for it! I don't know how long it may or may not last, I guess my body will decide that for me - but it was well worth it. If it does show signs of rejection, I will take it out, and wait for it to heal, and get it re-pierced, it is that gorgeous



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Terry
Studio: Tattoo+UK
Location: Rayners+Lane%2C+Harrow%2C+London

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