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Vertical Sternum/Cleavage Piercing

It started with just calling my best friend up. I told her I wanted to get something pierced. So while we were on our way to Shiva's I decided I wanted to pierce my Sternum. The area in between my boobs.

So we showed up and I told the peircer what I wanted, he pulled out a barbell measured my chest and bent the bar. He charged me 70 bucks. I went into the room and took off my shirt. I lied on my back and he marked me where he would punch the holes in. Carrie my best friend held my hand, I took a deep breath and was ready.

He moved my boobs around to clamp the skin, it was kinda scary cause instead of using a clamp he had an apprentice hold the skin. Honestly it didn't hurt. It was like a little prick like getting blood work done. The only part that made me tear up a bit was when they put the bar in. He screwed the ball on and bam it was done!

Everything was fine, we walked to my car there was a little bit of discomfort but to be expected. We left and I started driving 30 minutes after I got it done it hurt horribly! I went to turn the wheel and instant pain! I had to switch with Carrie, so now she was driving, every little bump hurt! Then that night I couldn't move while I tried to sleep, it hurt so bad!!

The worst part was when I tried to clean it out in the shower. I had to squeeze the discharge out, that hurt a little bit, but I got used to it. I recommend getting something with a point to dig the discharge out, it makes it easier. I bought the H2 Ocean to spray while I was at work, to keep it clean of bacteria.

After the first month it was great I loved it! I loved wearing low cut shirts to show it off, I love it!! Ok now I had it for 9 months and it started to be really sore, but only the top ball. It was always bruised and I could never take my bra off! During sex it would pull and rip, after sex days after it would continue to be crusty and bleed a bit. It made sex a bit painful!

So after dealing with the irritation and problems of it I decided to take it out! I was never able to unscrew the balls off, so I got plyers and loosen it. I lied on my back and again took a deep breath. I clamped my own chest and pulled it out since the bar was bent it hurt a little, truthfully it hurt more taing it out then piercing it. So now I have to holes in between my boobs, it bleed a little bit. Its been out for about an hour now, I can still feel the tunnel in my chest where the barbell was! Its cool. I don't think I want scaring bu I know I will, it will remind me of the piercing forever!

I recommend this piercing to anyone! I loved it, just having a larger chest made the piercing difficult! I know I miss it, but its out for the better. I thought it was forever but its more of a temporary piercing then anything!

People always compliment on this piercing, it looks wonderful when your nude! Men tend to love it, of course no motor boating, or anything like that while you have it. It hurts to sleep on your stomach, so make sure you have a pillow to cushion your chest. You must always have support whenever you do anything! Sleep, chill, work whatever make sure you don't pull it.

When you go out all people would see is the top ball. Random strangers would come up to be and ask to see it. I remember some man grabbed my shoulder and said " Girl let me see your titties!" I was shocked then remembered the piercing. It was crazy. You meet some really interesting people with this vertical sternum.

It is a unique and very sexual piercing! It brings tons of attention to your chest it's a real eye catcher!

FYI! Make sure to clean it out twice a day move the bar up and down and squeeze like a pimple to get the puss out! This is not an area on your body that you want to get infected!! Not only will it hurt like hell but it will look like hell! No guy will want to screw a girl with a red infected area in between her boobs! Besides that it will hurt!

I hope if you get this area pierced you love it and feel free to contact me if you need anything!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: %3F
Studio: Shiva%27s+Pain+Inc.
Location: Ybor+City

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