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My surface piercing

I decided I wanted a new piercing. Not sure exactly what to get I started to search the net and found the one I wanted it was a surface piercing just below the navel pierced horizontally. I thought it would look hot considering I already have my navel pierced. Although I had heard about the high rate of surface piercing growing out so I did some research on the net and decided it was worth a chance.

I decided to get it done where I had all of my piercings done, I met with my piercer and discussed what I wanted done. I understood that there is a high chance of it growing out. This was a concern for me because i didn't want to get i done then a month later not have it. Because i am a gymnast he said that my abs being strong will most likely push the piercing out. So we decided to pierced it with hollow PTFE because this would allow for more movement and was less likely to reject sense I am very sporty. I also chose tiny balls to prevent it from getting caught on clothing.

Deciding to go through with it I had to wait a hour for the PTFE to be sterilized. After waiting which seemed like for hours we went through to the piercing room. The piercing room is just a room with a dentist chair and cabinets. It actually looked more like a dentist surgery then a piercing room. The bit that took the longest was the placement. I didn't want it crocked and this took about 20 minutes and by this time I had two sets of dots on me. Next thing that took a bit of mucking around was the clamp. Because I'm not a big girl and I don't have much fat around my stomach this was quite fun. We couldn't lift enough skin to place the dots in the clamp so I had to shorten the length of the piercing.

Finally after ages of fiddling with the clamp it was on, he got his assistant to hold to clamp to make sure it didn't slip. He didn't want me holding the clamp because he knows I have a tendency to jump with pain instead of scream. Once the clamp was in the right position two seconds later the needle was through. I thought this was the end of my problems, unfortunately it wasn't because the PTFE was so soft when he went to thread it through the needle it just crushed so he had to make the hole bigger and this hurt more then the actual piercing. Finally the bar was through. And the hole time I didn't jump I was very proud of my self.

I didn't notice at the time but because there was two sets of dots my piercer accidentally matched one dot up with the wrong one and my piercing came out crocked and the bar was far to long. I wasn't happy with it at all but I felt rude if I made a fuss so I payed him. He told me to come back in two weeks for a check up and to get the bar shortened.

I left the studio feeling very disappointed not wanting to look at it I got home and stared at it in the mirror for about half hour just thinking to my self how ugly it looked. I showed my brothers girlfriend and even she was discussed with it, this didn't make me feel very good. I was deciding weather to take it out or not but then just decided to not look at it and pretend it wasn't there.

The next day it was swollen and very bruised from the clamp, I hadn't cleaned it the day before because I hated it that much I didn't want to look after it. It wasn't sore at all and I didn't notice it was there half the time. It has been almost two weeks now and its healed fine even without me bothering to clean it. However it is in a good position where I don't knock it and clothes don't get caught on it.

I am now undecided to keep it or take it out and get it redone again. It doesn't look as crocked now all the swelling has gone away but I am still not sure if I like it or not. I believe it will look better after the bar has been shortened so maybe I will make up my mind once that has been done.

Don't get me wrong my piercer is very good this is the only one of my six piercing that has been pierced crocked and I would recommend him and if I decide to get it redone I will most likely go back to him.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: jeff
Studio: body+pleasure+piercing
Location: geelong+victoria

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