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My first surface piercing

Ah birthday time. Time for ah especial right of passage. I took my best friend Mykhull downtown for support and for eyeballing rights of course. I went with Stainless Studios (Toronto) I got a Madison surface piercing with an 8g barbell for its classy looks. I wish I could remember the piercer's name. I do remember she was nice, clean, fast, funny and kind of looked like Betty Boop. Let's call her Ms.Boop.

Ms. Boop gave me two choices. "Needle or scalpel sweetie"... I think I said "Ummm??" ... "Alright listen here sweetie the scalpel really hurts I make three incisions one for the opening, another for the exiting. Both are vertical cuts. Next I make a horizontal cut. I slice under the skin from one opening to the other. Then I insert the jewelry. Honey, you'll bleed like a slaughter house pig but it will heal really clean and nice sweetie" I looked into Mykhull eyes he was looking straight through me with giant grey wet and glassy orb like eyeballs and had actually morphed into the Virgin Mary looking at her son bleeding on the cross. As if he could already feel my pain. She went on "the other way to do it is with a regular piercing needle. One quick and swift movement I insert the jewelry following the needle. It hurts a lot less, you won't bleed like a dying pig but it won't heal as nice as it does with the scalpel".

I tried to look at "the virgin" he had a wicked smile about his face massive grey orb like eyeballs still intact. "Scalpel" was the only thing he said. "Yes doctor" I replied. "Let's go with... "You'll bleed like a slaughter house pig" Ms. Boop smiled the same wicked smile of my beastly friend and ceremonially laid out a towel for me on the chair. We mapped out where the piercing would go, we all agreed it was good and I laid down to walk through the valley of the shadow of my mind knee deep in a bloody river as fat and decapitated pigs ran along the river either trying to play soccer with their own severed heads or put them back on. Which one it was I could not tell. Back in the room I could hear Miss Boop say "ok honey bunny, I'm going to start cutting now" as she said this I felt my friend grab my hand for support. The first two vertical incisions where not so bad but the horizontal under the skin cut from one vertical cut to the other was brutal and she did it carefully and extra slow. For a couple of seconds it really felt like my throat was being completely slit open. I remember wanting to back out of the deal. Now I could feel Ms. Boop inserting the barbell into the cut. Man, oh man that hurt! That is some sensitive skin right there at the base of the neck. I felt a little pool of blood starting to collect on the surgical bib placed on my chest. The endorphin rush was incredible.

My head was tripping. I started thinking about decapitated pigs again. Finally I heard those magical words "all done"

I said "thank you" in a drunken voice. I was sweating profusely. The piercer gently cleaned me up and gave me a tall glass of water. For which I was grateful. I slowly sat up. She told me I was having a massive endorphin rush. The towel that had been placed underneath me was stuck to my extremely sweaty back. Mykhull told me I looked jaundiced. Ms. Boop passed me a mirror. I did look a little yellow! I looked at my new piercing and it was beautiful. Perfect, straight, centered. She did a really nice job. Ms. Boop instructed me as to the usual after care procedure. "Bactine, bactine and more bactine, keep the bandage on for a couple of days, making sure to replace it with a sterile one everyday. Careful not to rip it out when dressing and undressing" I thanked her again and Mykhull promptly took me by my arm as I was a very dizzy and walked me out of the studio.

I took really good care of it and it healed very nicely just like she said it would. But a few months down the road my body started expelling it. I completely took it out eight months later because I could see the metal under the skin. It took a very long, long time for the remaining holes to close up. The possibility that another Madison piercing will stay behind the already formed scar tissue is a good one I hear. It's been ten years since and I am looking forward to getting it done again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Can+not+remember+her+name
Studio: Stainless+Steel+Studios
Location: Toronto%2C+Canada

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