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my double stomach surface piercing

For the past few months I have been craving to get three surface piercings about my navel but I never really had the opportunity or money until yesterday. The trade unions, which include teachers, went on strike yesterday so I thought "why not go today?"

So I woke up on Thursday morning, showered, got dressed, did all the usual things I do and walked to the station. It took me about an hour and half to get to the studio and it was a fairly smooth journey. I didn't have to wait too long for the trains and I also bumped into an old friend who already graduated. The only bad part of the trip were the screaming children on the train.

When I arrived at the studio, I gave my piercer some information about microdermals and the manufacturer contact details. He did some tongue piercings and we talked for a while. After about an hour of hanging around, some customers came in for a tattoo and I watched them get it done. By that time about 20 people walked in and hung around for ages. I don't like crowds so I stayed in the back of the shop with the boys. After the people left I came out and told my piercer I'd like to get two of the three surface piercings (They only had two bars left).

We picked out the bars and after about 10 minutes of marking we were ready to go! I laid down on the dentist like chair while he prepared everything. The clamps were taken out of their little box and I was like "God damn, I hate these". He then clamped my stomach (I squirmed like crazy because it hurt like crazy) and took out the needle (16ga).

I was told to hold still and he slowly started to push the needle through. At the beginning I felt the same sharp pain that accompanies surface piercings. Halfway through the procedure, one of the tattooists came in to watch. This piercing caused the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. The needle was slowly making its way through me and I really struggled to hold still. After about 30 seconds the needle finally made it through the other side (30 seconds is a long fucking time for a piercing). The cannula was then tapered and the jewellery was inserted. This was just as painful but lasted only a third of the time.

While my piercer was preparing for the next one, I laid on the chair swearing my head off and describing the pain to the tattooist. I was told that halfway through, my skin toughened up and it was like trying to backtrack through leather. Both the boys then started talking about the procedure and kept pinching my skin. By now my abs were quite sensitive and I kept jumping every time they pinched me. Megan came in and was like "Guys, she's gonna punch you if you keep doing that".

We then proceeded to the next piercing. I was clamped again and this time, a 14ga needle was used. The needle was slowly driven through my flesh while I laid on the chair, tense with anticipation. Second time around wasn't as bad. It still hurt like crazy but the procedure only lasted about 10 seconds. The jewellery was inserted through the cannula and the balls were then screwed on. DONE AND DONE!

After I paid, a few photos were taken and I showed my new metal off to all the employees. I found that walking was a bit difficult because my shirt kept moving and tugging at the beads. I then started my ever so boring journey home. Sleeping last night wasn't too difficult. I bumped the new metal a few times but that was it. I clean them about 2-3 times a day. Healing, hopefully, won't be an issue since I've had experience with these types of piercings before.

Now, its not that I'm a pansy, I usually enjoy the pain of piercing and never fear it but this was the worst pain I have ever felt. It was almost intolerable and I mean just on the edge! The first piercing was 100 times worse than I had expected but the second one was not as bad. The adrenaline probably kicked in by then. I now have a total of 9 surface piercings (5 of which are on my abdomen) and I'm having second thoughts about getting the third stomach one. It's a lot higher than the other two and the skin is softer, so maybe it won't be as tough to pierce. I really hope no. 3 will be a more enjoyable experience.

To all those people out there who want this piercing, lets hope you're skin is softer than mine! Happy modding everyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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