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I was a dermal anchor guinea pig

Every time I step into Venus Modern Body Arts, it's a dubious mission. More often than not, even if I'm just visiting Marilyn, I walk out with a new hole somewhere on my person or, at the very least, new jewelry. This time (which was just last night), I'd been having one of those days. You know the type. Aggravating...frustrating...the kind where a little steam desperately needs to be let out. Just the right time for a new piercing.

I had, however, no idea of what I wanted or even THAT I wanted anything. I was poking around with the idea of a snug or a rook, but it just didn't seem like the right time. My last surface piercing had gotten angry at me, so I wasn't ready to step into that arena again. After locking up the shop, Marilyn pulled out two new pieces of jewelry. "Dermal anchor", she said. "you should get a dermal anchor". I'd never even heard of them and indeed, according to Marilyn, they were a relatively new creation. And, as often happens to me with piercings, I hmmed and hawed and held it up to my cleavage, my cheek, my arm. ANd I went from thinking "no...no anchors for me" to "oooooooooh...that looks hot as hell right over my cleavage". And so off we went into the piercing room.

She'd never done one before and I was all excited about being a guinea pig. After making a few different placement marks, she had my lay down on the table to get a good angle. I have to tell you...I'm something of a pussy so when I saw an 8 gauge needle coming at the really sensitive skin on my chest, I got the tiniest bit panicky. Marilyn pinched the skin between and right above my cleavage and inserted the needle, whereupon (remember...I sad I can be a little bit of a pussy) I said "Argh. NO!"...it was too late of course, since the needle was already in. I've noticed that for some reason when I'm getting pierced (but not when I'm getting tattooed), I get really tense when things become painful or uncomfortable, especially when I can't see what the hell is going on. And from that angle I couldn't see a single fucking thing, of course. So I knew she was moving the jewelry a bit for placement, etc., so I had to really force myself to try to relax. But no worries, every time I'd tense up Marilyn scolded me. Being both a friend AND my piercer, she has no problem telling me to pipe down a little bit. She's also super sweet and always checks up on me to see how after care is coming. The stuff I get from her always heals quickly and well. But I digress (alot)...

Next, she placed the anchor jewelry in, and the whole procedure was so much different than a regular piercing because the needle only goes halfway through and the little opal was already attached and didn't need to be screwed on (though ti can be unscrewed if I want to put a different gem on it later) and the bulk of the discomfort came from needing to get the tiny heel of the piece into the flap of skin to properly anchor it. Marilyn had to press down on it once it was in to help it actually start anchoring into the skin, and that felt like hell...but I'm also really super sensitive in the region of my breast bone, so that undoubtedly added to it. I bled a fair amount, but nothing outrageous and I fucking love the way it looks.

Afterwards, Marilyn put a small square of gauze on it and then taped it down with surgical tape to further help the jewelry begin to anchor since there's a fair risk of the piece coming out due to shifting, etc, in the first day or couple of days. It continued to bleed a very small amount after that, especially since I continued to press down on it to help the anchoring process. I didn't have any trouble sleeping, even on my stomach, which was nice. This morning I took the gauze off (gingerly, since it was stuck a bit from the dried blood), and pressed down on it a bit more (as is suggested). Just cleaned it in the shower with soap and water and will use saline water later on.

There's a small amount of bruising/redness, but it feels like it should heal just fine. If she'd had more jewelry at the shop I would have wanted more right then and there. I'll definitely get a couple more, perhaps to form a triangle with my current one. It was great to be a master piercers guinea pig for a new creation...if you're ever in NYC, go check Marilyn out at Venus. I will not let anyone else come near me with a needle now. Overall it was a really great experience. Thanks Marilyn!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Marilyn+Mena
Studio: Venus+Modern+Body+Arts
Location: New+York%2C+NY

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