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Corset, Re-visited.

Me and my corset... AGAIN!

Ok so last time you heard from me I'd had my corset pierced and had had one removed and was going to find out about another.

I did have the second ring removed. The other three were healing perfectly, a week late I had that first ring re-pierced! All was going well, we were going to re-pierce the second in a weeks time but then me being stupid, I got my self into a car accident (I wasn't driving) and all that hard work, all the planning was gone in an instant, I had to remove my snug and the remaining three corset piercings.

I was almost in tears as Scott removed my corset jewellery, I got back to work and everyone thought something had happened because I was that sad! It felt like a part of me was missing.

After numerous discussions Scott and I decided it could be re-pierced just before Christmas. I was happy again!

So fast forward a few weeks to last night, Scott was desperate for some excitement and I was desperate for my corset back! We agreed I would call in today after job number one and we would pierce it before job number two.

I've been off work (job number one) ill all week and today was my first day back, I felt fine all day long, working hard as usual, but as I left and started walking to Beorc I had the sudden urge to be sick. I was physically heaving as I walked through town. I got to Beorc and I must have looked ill as both Scott and Jason commented. I was adamant I was fine, paid and went upstairs to have the anaesthetic put on.

As Scott was putting the anaesthetic on, I was gradually getting hotter and hotter, I was beginning to sweat, I think I concerned Scott slightly because as soon as I had the anaesthetic on I went running out of the shop for fresh air.

After a little walk to the bank, I felt calmer and returned, Jason again commented I looked flushed, I said I was fine and ran upstairs to where Scott was waiting for me. Everything was arranged, I just needed to give him the go ahead.

I stood talking for a few minutes and then realised I hadn't even taken my top off! I was in such a tizzy! Scott was sat patiently waiting for me to calm my self down.

After about 5 minutes I had removed my top and sat in front of him, he asked if I was ok and I said yes although I wasn't sure. He started to clamp the top part of my back, using the scars of previous piercings to line it up and I had to ask him to stop, I didn't feel up to this anymore.

After another little break I felt ready but asked him to perhaps start elsewhere as previously the top one had been extremely painful. We started on the left side and after several breathes in and out, Scott pushed the needle through. To say it didn't hurt would be lying, but it wasn't that bad, I can generally cope with the pain but it's the tingles I don't like. After swearing slightly, Scott checked I was ok and asked if I wanted the jewellery in now or after they were all done, I asked for it now just in case I didn't get it finished. He then put a nice big plaster over my nice new piercing.

The next piercing went pretty much the same, although after this one I needed to stand up for a few minutes as my knee had gone numb, after a quick stand and a drink I sat down and the next two piercings followed in the same fashion as the previous two.

Now it was for the big one! Pierced three times so far and hurt every time! I walked around, drank, chatted and postponed for as long as I could, (15 minutes) I finally sat down, determine to get this finished, and before I knew it Scott was asking if I was ok and putting the plaster on.

I couldn't believe it, all the worry over nothing! It was the least painful out of the lot. After a little more drink, I made my way downstairs, Jason rushed over to admire my plasters and remarked how there was no blood! Scott smiled and just said I heal good!

It has now been almost four hours since the piercing and its only just feeling a little bit tender but I think that's because I removed the plaster.

I will most definitely keep an eye on this one and take pictures so you can all see the beauty I call my corset!


submitted by: smoochy_lou
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Beorc
Location: Grimsby%2C+UK

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