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My double nape experience...

Greetings. First off, my name is thomas and im a 19 year old musician/writer. I became obsessed with piercing and body modification about 3 years ago, starting with the cool kid in high school with the eyebrow ring. As i grew up so did my passion for body art. Three years later my mods include facial surface piercings, bridge, lip, nipples, naval, double surface piercings on neck (nape), and 3/4" lobes, along with a bunch of ink. But as some of you fellow enthusiasts might know, there is an intimacy that goes along with each piercing. It's different for every person but equally addictive. For me, the pain turns to pleasure and it's pieces of my mind visible on the flesh. Its what keeps me coming back, hole after hole.

Moving away from my personal thoughts on modification I want to share with you my latest and greatest piercing. My nape. Its been three months that i have had it done only, and i do not regret a day having them. I think the first time i saw a nape piercing was when i was a kid at a local show. Some older guy had four balls mysteriously attached to the back of his neck. Right away I was intrigued. Not having any knowledge of surface piercings I concluded that he had must of undergone an extreme amount of pain to obtain these wild piercings.

However it wasn't until I was 19 years old that the idea of myself taking on the experience was weighting on the positive side. As a result of my addictive and impulsive personality, i usually act and then think. But this was different. I spent weeks researching and talking to my local piercer (Kivaka, Tattoo City, Lockport Illinois) about it. I've had surface piercings before on my face, but these were going to be a lot deeper and to me sounded very painful. But for some of us pain is equivalent to pleasure and the idea had now become a final decision. I think it was a couple months of knowing i wanted to get it done before i actually felt that it was the right time to step up. You would probably think that it would have been planned out, something i was looking forward to. But all it took was me driving past the studio one saturday evening that i decided to just finally get it done. I walked in and exchanged greetings with Kivaka and asked if he was bored, because i had some work for him. He quickly finished what he was doing and we headed to the back. Now usually the type of barbells required for this piercing are not ready on hand at local shops. But because of previous conversations with Kivaka about it he had already ordered them and were already sterilized. It was 100% ready to be done.

We went over the placement, and i decided i wanted two piercings on the center of my neck in the shape of a V. I laid down on the piercing table, stomach down, and started to get into that mind set. Mind over matter in a way, an almost meditation like state. He clamped the skin where he had made the marks and suprisingly I enjoyed that pain as well. Not that it was intense, just enough to let me know more was to come. "Deep breath in, deep breath out, deep breath in..." Poke... Then it hits you, the relief mixed with pleasure. The endorphin rush. The drug as I call it. I got my fix. It was barely painful. It was neither a sharp or blunt pain, simply a good feeling. After a couple of minutes, the other side. Equally as great. Then i took about a good ten minutes just to lie down and absorb everything.

Getting up was when it was over, but i looked in the mirror to see them. They were magnificent. 100% accurate and beautiful. The pleasure was over but now i had them to keep. A transaction and a tip later i found myself leaving the studio feeling on top of the world. After-care was not bad at all. I was very worried about how they would heal and what not. So i washed them two times a day with a soap called Satin which was recommended by Kivaka. They healed fantastic. Although there were about three weeks of them being very sore and red, i stuck it out and kept up the routine. Now they are in perfect harmony with my body and have given me no problems. In fact they are probably the healthiest ones in right now. I would like to thank Kivaka once again for his professionalism and his expertise with body piercings. He has done 6 of mine already and many more to come.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 July 2004
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2C+Illinois

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