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Porn Star revisited - take three

First of all, let's go quickly back in time - almost three years in fact - to January 2001. There I was, the proud owner of a new Madison! During the months that followed, being really pleased with it I watched it, admired it (somewhat narcissistically, I must admit), looked after it, and in November of that year, I wrote and submitted my story. It was, alas, a story destined utimately to have an unhappy ending: the epilogue is that four months later, in the following March, it rejected. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". It was after all, not entirely unexpected: looking back on it now, I remember feeling sad but at the same time glad I'd taken the plunge and given it a try - and at the same time encouraged enough to have a second shot. This time it was down at Perforations on one of my many trips to Brighton. A bigger ring, a more experienced piercer and better-known studio would, I thought, be a winning combination. Alas the reverse proved to be true, and my second Madison turned out to have a life expectancy of only half that of its predecessor. Feeling really discouraged, I decided to put the whole idea out of my mind: after two years I had nothing but a scar to show for all my efforts. Hidden for the most part under my T-Shirt, it wasn't a hideously ugly disfigurement, but at the same time more than just a slight skin blemish - a constant nagging reminder of what might have been. And nag away it did. Quite subtly, almost imperceptibly, little things would start to make me wonder about getting another. Add together a combination of someone asking me online about my first one, the realization that I'd had no new piercings to compensate for the several others I'd lost over the last few months, and the money I'd accumulated in my savings account... this particular critical mass only needed the catalyst of a Birmingham IAM Meet to set it off: I decided on the spot to get a third Madison. The die had been cast. A veritable posse of potential piercees in the form of fellow BME/IAM members, we made our way up through the wet November streets of Birmingham, narrowly avoiding getting trampled underfoot by marauding hordes of Christmas shoppers, to the relative calm of Modern Body Art. Not counting those who just wanted to buy jewellery, there were four of us clients. Being the perfect gentlemen (or total wuss, according to how you look at it) I elected to let everyone else go first, and waited my turn to sign the magic disclaimer piece of paper. I'd already decided to go for another ring, as being (in my view) more visually appealing then the (more practical) PTFE bar. All the same, I was a little hesitant about asking: some piercers are understandably somewhat reluctant to perform piercings not in accordance with their preferred or recommended choice of jewellery. Matt, however, raised no objection - merely s aying when I told him about my previous forays, and showing him the scars to prove it - in the best Customer is always right tradition."There is a school of thought that repiercing through scar tissue makes a piercing less likely to reject. Personally, I'm not convinced. Well, you know the score.""1.6?" he asked."Um, slightly bigger?" I upped the stakes."2.4 then. 15, 18, 21mm?"I decided to play safe and go for whatever was least likely to reject again."Whatever's least heavy, probably. A 15"My fate was sealed.I sat and waited my turn while the others were performed upon. Reassuringly, there were no disembodied screams or sudden calls for emergency assistance, and as a 'veteran' of some 50 or so assorted piercings I can honestly say I felt totally calm and relaxed. At last, I was beckoned through. "Should I take my T-Shirt off?" I asked."Probably be easier."I stripped to the waist and sat down, as Matt laid out a fearsome array of tools and implements beside me on the bench. He marked the placement and handed me a small mirror to check it out. It looked a bit crooked. I said so, and Matt asked whether my previous one had been done with a crooked placement. I said I didn't think so, but we debated whether it was because the last one had migrated a bit unevenly. In any case, he re-marked it with a slightly enlarged dot, and I said I'd rather it masked the scar in preference to being a 100% accurate horizontal location. So, we were set to go. He applied some clamps, saying that he just wanted to check it out before deciding whether to use them or to do it freehand.Yup, clamps it is.We'd now got to the "Do you want to have it frozen?" stage. One of these days I'm going to pluck up the courage to answer "No" to that quest ion, but this was not the day, and with a "As you know, this is going to feel really cold", I felt a trickle of frozen liquid against my throat, running down numbingly down into whatever we males have by way of a cleavage. With what is either just realistic, reassuring or sadistic according to how you look at it - "There's no way a 2.4mm needle isn't going to hurt a little bit" - I soon realized my goal had once again been accomplished. Just a sharp but very brief pain, and a 'hang on in there' twinge while the ring was inserted. A small piece of tissue proved superfluous - the amount of bleeding was virtually nil. Instantaneous reactions? Cool... Neat...Wow... I'd go along with that, it's turned out really well. Two days later, I'm delighted: it's behaving perfectly. There's none of the feeling of strangulation I experienced with my first one: there's no swelling, no bleeding, no soreness, no visible discharge: it sits so neatly in my throat, moving flexibly as I speak or turn my neck, incredibly comfortable, it looks like I was born with it. In fact I have to be really careful not to knock or jar it. I'm just doing what comes naturally. The aftercare leaflet recommends salt soaks and 3% hydrogen peroxide but for now I'm sticking to my usual regime of a daily bath, a squirt of savlon spray, but otherwise leave it alone, but keep it clean, wear loose clean clothes, and don't fiddle with it or irritate it. Whether it will make movie history, time alone will tell, but for now let those lights shine and those cameras roll... Action!...


submitted by: Don
on: 03 Dec. 2003
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: Modern+Body+Art
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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