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Madison/Surface Piercing

About a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted a Madison (a ring on the front of the neck). I loved the idea- if it healed well I could hang things (SMALL things) off of it. Like a necklace, but freakier I guess. I did my research, and realized that it might be a difficult piercing, as I liked to wear collars a lot, and I didn't think it's be good to constantly covering up the piercing with anything, even after it fully healed. So, I decided I'd get the piercing lower, right below my neck, in the middle of my collarbones. And then.... I made the appointment. I was thrilled to have Gus do it. As far as I know, he is one of the best (if not the best) in Hawaii. He asked if a couple of the other piercers could watch, as they had not done a surface piercing like this before and they could learn by Gus perform it on me. I was glad it happened that way- it was actually easier to get it done with a few more people in the room, as opposed to just me and the piercer. More distraction, I guess. Ok, now here's the good stuff. After a good amount of conversation Gus and the piercers made the mark on my neck, and I lay myself down on the table. The clamps used to pull the skin up were pretty bad and pinchy. You don't have a while lot of extra skin right below your neck. At least I don't.
Then, a deep breath, and the needle. Not horrible pain, but not really great either. It did hurt, but not as much as I expected. The bar was more painful going in. I believe it was a 14G at first, or maybe 12. And it took a couple tries to get the end screwed on. Those damn slippery barbell balls.
The worst was when I stood up, and looked at the piercing in the mirror. It was still kind of stinging and throbbing, I was a little giddy already, and looking at my skin stretching over something that was actually UNDER it instead of through it made me woozy. I've never gotten lightheaded from any tattoo or piercing before, but this did it. Fortunately, Gus and the gang were super sweet and accommodating, and had me sit down for a minute. I especially love the woman the works there, although I can't remember her name. My apologies to her. She did a great job on my navel piercing earlier in the year. But I digress.
The drive home sucked, because the shoulder strap of the seat belt kept rubbing the skin around it. But I found halfway though that if I just stopped slouching and sat up like I should anyway, I could avoid it.
The healing process was long, and I don't know if it ever really completed before I took it out. The summer I got the piercing, I had a very physical job, with lots of arm and upper-body movements. Not good when you've got a piercing just over your collar bones. So it migrated a bit during healing, but did all right for a while. After a couple months, another great piercer (who's name I totally forget as well- but I believe she is Gus' wife, sorry if I'm wrong) put in a smaller barbell at a place in Waikiki. Of course, I've forgotten the name. Then, it ALMOST healed, but not quite. And stayed that way for a looong time. It got irritated very easily, and it was not unusual to have someone tell me "That looks infected." And you know, infected wasn't really the look I was going for. So, I waited for a day when it wasn't irritated, and removed the barbell. It closed up within a couple days, and now I'm left with a really nice symmetrical scar on my collarbone. Two little round dots- very nice. I get a lot of compliments on it, actually. So I only had the piercing for around a year, but I have no bad feelings about it. It wasn't Gus' fault, that's for sure. Just my stupidity of getting it at the wrong time in my life.
So, in closing, my pseudo-Madison was a good experience. I never got to hang things off of it, but I've got a beautiful and deep scar (although still a little tender), and I had a great hour with the piercers. I would recommend a surface piercing in this area only if you will be pretty non-physical for a month or two after. I don't mean that you have to sit in one place all day for two months, just don't have a job that entails lots of heavy labor.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2003
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Paragon+Body+Piercing
Location: Honolulu%2C+HI

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