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My Nape - What a Breeze

My Nape - What A Breeze!

I've wanted my nape pierced for a long time now. My good friend Antz got his done by his flatmate who works at Westside. It looked amazing and was healing well. I told him how badly I wanted mine done, and he asked Jase how much he would charge me. He told Antz $40 (AUS), so I was pretty happy with that. I told Jase that I would call him in the next few days and organize something. I didn't end up calling him, but I saw him out in the City at a nightclub anyway. We talked a bit about the procedure and what it actually felt like. He told me he has been piercing for about 10 years, 6 of those professionally. Westside is a well-known and respected tattoo shop, so I trusted his judgments on everything.

In the following weeks, I decided I also wanted my lowbrets done (just low labrets, not the kind that go through to the bottom of my chin!). So I headed on over to see Jase on Saturday the 29th of March. We discussed the process of the lowbrets and he took measurements and all that fun stuff. My jewelery is on order as I type this. I decided then that I would be broke for the rest of the week and get my nape done, seeing as though that's what I really wanted in the first place. I told him that we're going to do it and he showed me the plastic tubing he was going to use. He told me the name of it, but I have completely forgotten it. We chatted for a little while and told me to come back in about an hour and a half, as he had other appointments first. So he put the jewelery on boil and I headed to his house to see my other mate, Kento.

Me, Kento and their other flatmate, Steph, went for lunch and a short walk before heading back to the shop. He was all ready to get going. First he had to send me an email of pictures taken at the suspension we attended a few weeks earlier. I helped out in that suspension by being lifted by Casper, the guy getting hooked. I also had to remove nails that he hammered into his nose. YUM! So I headed back to the piercing area & took a seat. He had a look at my neck and was very put off by the tattoo of a bat on my neck. It isn't symmetrical and it took him a good 15 minutes to decide where it was going to go. First he thought in the middle of the wings, near its elbows. But we thought that would take away from the piercing. Then we thought below its feet, but it was too off centered. We finally agreed that it would sit just above the wings, even though they weren't quite even, it was close enough.

I asked if he was going to clamp my neck or free-hand it. He gave me a pinch and decided to free-hand it. He told me that this was unlike any other piercing I'll ever get. A completely different kind of pain. He was right.

I took my deep breaths in and out, and he began pushing the 14ga needle through my neck. It almost felt like a bee sting. But not a painful one, just an annoying one. The actual time the needle was in my neck was only about 3 seconds. It wasn't uncomfortable, painful or worrying. It was one of the most easiest piercings I've had to date. I was sitting there, with my toes curled, for no reason! It was surprising to me how easy it was. Before I knew it, he had the plastic tubing in and the balls on.

I was waiting for him to come back to put the balls on. Instead he handed me a mirror. I said "It's done already?" He just laughed and told me it was a "quickie". I checked it out in the mirror, hairdresser style, and fell in love with it immediately. Of course, the tubing was longer than it should have been, but that should be fixed in the next couple of days. Following the shortening, i will have pictures on my page. i hung around the shop for a little while afterwards, talking about after care and the ordering of my lowbret jewelery. We also talked about stretching spikes as I wanted to stretch my ears to 12mm. He gave me this small bottle of snake oil for my nape - I've never seen it before. Good for after care apparently! So after all that small talk, I handed over the last of my cash for the week, and went outside to find Kento and Steph and show off my wonderful new piercing. They loved it and said it looked great and we went back to their pace to watch movies!

So far, there has been no swelling or aggravation. I haven't bumped it, knocked it or scratched it. Let's hope it stays that way!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 April 2003
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jase
Studio: Westside+Tattoos+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Westend%2C+Brisbane%2C+Australia

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