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Self Inflicted Surface?

I was rather fascinated with the surface piercings on Dee Snider's "Capt. Howdy" and decided I wanted a surface since I haven't seen any (seeing how I live in BFE and there are no shops willing to do "such a delicate procedure") surfaces done. I happened to have a 1.6 mm (14 g) needle and acquired a 1" barbell with excessively large balls on it. I chose the area and the direction of the piercing, then marked the area (away from the entrance/exit area.. why risk further chances of infection??) so I could get an idea of my boundaries. I cleaned the area with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and then with hydrogen peroxide (it can be used to lessen the chance of infection. I slid the needle deep within the skin between 2nd and 3rd rib (lower) on my left side, there was a slight hesitation for the needle to go through, meaning I hit muscle... no problem.... push harder and hang on, here comes the endorphin rush. The needle hung there for quite some time while I recovered from that splendid buzz from hell...
The 14g barbell didn't want to follow the needle through, so I had to settle for 16g with slight weight for the first few hours. I noticed no real blood flow (thusly keeping me out of the Liberal Bleeders Lodge... golly gee willikers Beav!) except for a drop or two on each side. The only real problem I encountered was the piercing went 3/4" through the skin and the 16g was a simple "endless" captive bead ring... so it had to be manipulated and jammed in the needle.. funny how it goes down like that isn't it?
Afterward, the piercing gave me no real trouble, just no shirts for the first day, frequent cleansing and no laying on it... that was rough... All in all, I'd have to say that the surface is far less cumbersome than any oral piercing and the pain is pretty much minimal. I'd suggest getting one, with the knowledge of the risk of the piercing migrating or growing out of it's pretty little home. I have been told by many to use micro-filament jewelry for the healing process (micro-filament is the same thing as fishing wire, just in 14g and shaped like barbells, which lengths vary.. thankfully) and if you REALLY wanna put stainless steel balls on the bar, then go ahead, but that increases chances of problems during healing, the M F moves with your body and conforms with the piercing, which gives you time to adjust to the newly acquired hole.
I do believe that my next experiences will be more surfaces, going down my spine (one gauge per vertabrae) and my wrists. The only other things I can possibly think of doing that I can understand fully, is Kavadi, Pulling and Suspension. All this tongue, eyebrow and labret crap is getting played out. Go ritual, well that is my opinion. Speaking of ritual, if anyone has any pictures of Sundance (a Lakota indian tribal suspension/pulling involving 3 day fastings) please send pictures to [email protected]!!! it would be greatly appreciated. Another surface (very temporary one though) involves pulling. And that piercing is the sundance ritual pulling. You can insert a roughly 2g wooden plug into the upper pectoral and one into the lower pectoral and tie them together with strong rope (hemp works best) and then do the other side as well. Tie a rope to a tree, porch, what have you, and lean forward/backward... until you break free... basically the plugs will either pop out (ouch) or rip out of your chest (F**K!). But the advantage from what I hear is that it is an extremely spiritual experience... I made my own plugs and plan on going through with the fast and ceremony in October... maybe Sept.
Expect pictures B M E! maybe I'll even decided that it truly was worth it and send in a video....
For those that are considering doing your own surface piercing, you might want to make sure that you have nice thick skin your thumbs if you go deep... that needle will take no prisoners!!
The only real problem I forsee for anyone is getting the balls to jam that needle through random areas of the body... but through meditation you can seperate your mind and body, then take it easily. I know, I sound like some hippie bastard, sorry. I've seen some nice surfaces so far, various shapes, designs and lengths of gauges. The longer the gauge, the more expensive and the harder it is to find.
Your best bet then is to order direct from the factory (since it's not stainless steel, it wasn't machined, so it won't be all nasty) and save yourself the costly B S of getting that surface gauge you want, but the needles are hard to get as well. Might as well order your shit now if you want to save money. I just go deeper and deal with it personally, but it's my body, so I'll rot it at my discretion. That is the best advice I can give anyone, pick a spot, purchase your needles and gauges yourself and do it yourself... you'll learn alot about yourself that way.... you may break or go through with it.
Other than that, shut up and do it. Sorry for any typos.... CHRIS FUNK BASIC DISCLAIMER:BME does not approve of self inflicted piercings, so if you must do so, do it, but at your own discretion, for BME will have no part in your injuries inflicted upon ones self! THANK YOU.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Aug. 2002
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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