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(back) to the drawing board

My name is Paul Clark and about three months ago I had walked into my local piercing shop with my friend. My friend was about to get his nipple's pierced by the owner Jason. There was this other woman there from South Carolina named Clarissa, she had two or three piercing's on her face and others on her body I am sure of. Anyway, Clarissa had been talking to one of the customers or maybe one of the co-workers I am not sure, she was talking of all the places on the body she had pierced. I asked her if she had ever done a back piercing, and she said she had done quite a few. I took the liberty of asking her if she would pierce my back in six places going from close to the shoulder and on down. She replied that she would love to do the piercing.

I have wanted my back pierced ever since I saw this special on the discovery channel about suspension, also seeing the movie the cell intrigued me about the piercing. I think a lot about the piercing I get and make sure that it is something that I want. A piercing to me is like a child, each has its own difference and I love each of them equally. I have my septum and my left side of my lip pierced as well.

So, on to the piercing experience, Clarissa drew out a picture of my back and aligned all six rings on the picture just the way I wanted it, and then drew a diagram of it on my back. She made me stand up and sit down many different times to make sure that the piercings would not get in the way of anything. After she was done with the drawing they cleaned and sterilized the equipment. She put some kind of Novocain on my back to numb but I was certain that nothing could numb this kind of feeling. I had been anticipating the feeling for a while, wondering if it would hurt beyond imaginable or just tingle. You never know what is going to hurt unless you find out for yourself.

 O.K, she made me lay on this leather table face down, then attempted to put on a piece of plastic wrap on the section of my back that was getting pierced. As my friend was getting his nipple's pierced I proceeded to lie on the table and wait for the numbing solution to work, I was sure that the solution would not help at all.

After about thirty minutes they started getting everything ready to pierce my back with. Needles, gloves, table, cloths, and some other stuff I was not too interested in.

Clarissa had explained the procedure thoroughly to me asking me if I had any questions and if I was still willing to do this. I said I was ready and I was ready mentally and physically. My philosophy is that the more you procrastinate the more pain you will be in, the best thing is to go ahead and get it done with and the time you are healing you would of been in pain from procrastinating.

Oh, Clarissa had told me that she was going to have Jason help her pierce me with one person on one side and the other person on the other side. So it was Jason and Clarissa piercing one side each.

So both Clarissa and Jason had hemostats in their hand and clipped it on to the place where they were piercing, I could feel it grip so I knew the Novocain would not be helping me at all. I had a mouth guard in my mouth just incase the pain was too much and I grinded my teeth. Anyway, Clarissa asked me if I was ready and then asked Jason if he was ready, we both said yes. They were supposed to pierce each side at the same time but Jason was a little late with the needle so I felt them both at different times. It hurt but it wasn't too unbearable. I really can't explain what the feeling was like; someone would have to get pierced to know. So we have the first two in, now it was time for the second two. Clarissa only asked Jason if he was ready this time and then they both proceeded to pierce one needle falling just a few seconds from the other one, so again I felt both of them separately. I told Clarissa that was enough and fuck getting the other two until later. I was kind o f high but more like I can't believe I got that done. I think that if everybody would just have the balls to do it they would find out that it is not as bad as they think it would be. The healing part is a little bit more tedious than the piercing procedure itself. Well, I hope that this information is helpful to anybody thinking about getting a back piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2002
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: clarissa++wills+and+justin
Studio: extreme+tattoo%27s
Location: waycross+GA

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