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Changing Tastes

I never considered piercing to be something I wanted until I had my nipples pierced while in tech training for the military. I completely enjoyed the experience, but it was two years before I decided to have another one.

My first surface piercing was done in Guam on my left inner arm just below the elbow. The process was more enjoyable than the jewelry was and that piercing only lasted a week. Since then, about a year and a half now, I've wanted to have the tops of my wrists done. After wanting it for so long, I decided that a triple stacked piercing would do.

I purchased three niobium cbrs even though I know barbells or even surface bars work best. I wanted them to be close together and lay up my arm, bead toward the elbow overlapping. At this point, telling me it wont work usually isn't a deterrent, I like to try anyway. Also, I'm fortunate not to get terribly attached to anything in my skin.

I had the piercer mark the spot and adjusted the spacing a little (not enough as it turns out). The area was cleaned and three new twelve gauge needles were all set out and waiting. The first needle slid through like butter, no pain at all. The needle was corked off and the second was pushed through. Both the second and the third needles were much more uncomfortable. My skin is tight and the tissue is well connected. I was not too surprised to have one of the needles push said tissue out.

The jewelry was inserted without trouble. At this point I noticed the last piercing was slightly off center, probably due to the other needles being so close when the clamps were applied. In hind-sight, I think the needles should probably been removed between piercing, although it may not have made a difference. Anyhow, it did not matter once the rings were laid back against my arm.

I was not aware of how often I am careless about my limbs and their ultimate placement. Its surprising how often this area of the body comes in contact with hard objects. Walls, doors, sinks, washing machines...you get the point. While not particularly painful, I did worry about the damage I might be causing. The last ring seemed to catch the brunt of it and leaked fluid (clear and somewhat sticky) most of the time. No crusting and just a little bit of redness. My eight month old puppy, all exuberant and such, managed to catch said ring twice in as many days.

Unfortunately, these rings would not lay down, a problem I did NOT have with my last surface piercing using cbrs. After five days, the second and third rings were still happier at attention than I would have liked. I've been told this is due to the way it was pierced, but that one should be able to 'train' them to lay down the way you want despite the piercing style.

Then I began to realize I just wasn't interested. I thoroughly enjoyed the piercing itself. Not so much as an adrenaline high or rush, but just the actual pain of the needles piercing the skin. I started to contemplate whether I wanted the experience or just the jewelry.

I decided to have the third ring removed. Since it was off center anyway, it should have made the alignment better on the remaining cbrs. But while I was at the studio (being right handed and having them on my right wrist) I decided that only the green cbr should be left in. So, the piercer removed the first two and as I was standing there I thought "Hell, I enjoyed the pain, but not the jewelry. Take them all out." And so we did.

I now have six holes, ugly and deep, in my wrist. The removal was more painful than the procedure itself due to irrigation and cleaning of what is essentially a puncture wound. With luck, no infection will set in and they will heal to small circular scars like the last surface piercing. Not particularly attractive, but I've decided to have a similar piece as on my left wrist tattooed on my right, so the scars will not be near as visible.

So, my lesson learned. No need for expensive jewelry nor the side glances from people. It might just be time to get into play piercing. Seems like there are other ways of managing the same effect without the long term application. I plan to keep my other piercings, they aren't surface piercings though. Guess its good I never got any of those facial piercings I wanted, who knows how long they would have lasted.

Perhaps I will look into suspension, a painful looking process of its own. But for now, I'll let these wound heal and enjoy that process. Then maybe find some like minded people for some gratuitous pain. Play piercing anyone?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 April 2002
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Skinny+Pete
Studio: Singapore+J
Location: Texas

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